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  • Sharing Moments from #MrMrsPrashant

    Sharing Moments from #MrMrsPrashant

    Finally, after months of saving, planning and documenting our whole Wedding Journey together through blogging, photos and video, we’ve finally come to this almost last bit of our entire Wedding Series that we’ve affectionately labelled #MrMrsPrashant. Why #MrMrsPrashant? I wanted a hashtag I could use throughout our marriage, not just our wedding. And of course,…

  • The Wedding Reception

    The Wedding Reception

    It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon lunch reception that was held at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and not many know that we had to go through many hurdles to have our celebrations held here. We had a tough time deciding on our Reception venue because not many places could check out our requirements within our…

  • The Wedding Ceremony

    The Wedding Ceremony

    It was a beautiful Saturday morning, the big day is finally here. Our jouney to this day was not an easy one, we had to go through many hurdles to be together. I believe fate led us to each other and it’s funny how people from two different backgrounds can fall in love and become…

  • Our Wedding Thank You Note

    Our Wedding Thank You Note

    It’s been a while to really collect ourselves and let everything sink in. We are still waking and wondering, “Holy shit, it actually happened.” It has been an emotional journey, one that has brought moments of hurt and indecision, but an overwhelming amount of triumph and joy. In truth, it might have been possible without…

  • Our Bridal Suite at The Fullerton Hotel

    Our Bridal Suite at The Fullerton Hotel

    During our 2 day Wedding affair, we had the opportunity to book a stay for my bridesmaids in The Heritage Room and our bridal suite at The Fullerton Suite where we made lots of memories with our friends and family. We loved it so much, we spent the nights throughout our stay in here. Good…

  • Bridal Shower at The Fullerton Hotel Heritage Room

    Bridal Shower at The Fullerton Hotel Heritage Room

    Our Wedding took place over the weekend – 22nd and 23rd July 2017. We booked a room for my bridesmaids so that they can stay over and keep me company since we will be leaving from The Fullerton Hotel to church on the first day. But most of all, it was to thank them for…

  • Bridal Henna and Nails

    Bridal Henna and Nails

    One of my favourite bits about being a bride is being able to go all out with henna art and glamourous over-the-top nails and get away with it. How many times in my life can I apply henna on my hands, palms and feet like this again and sit at the same position for more…

  • Preparing a Wedding Day Emergency Kit

    Merely days left to our wedding day and I think almost everything is settled and ready to be executed (I hope). It’s gonna be a very jam-packed busy last 2 weeks before 22nd July and my calender is literally filled with back to back appointments! So in order to not leave out of forget anything,…

  • Wedding Countdown: One Month to #MrMrsPrashant

    Wedding Countdown: One Month to #MrMrsPrashant

    Can’t believe that it’s only a month to our wedding! It feels like only recently he proposed. Most of the arrangements have been more or less settled and finalizing by these last few weeks. Attending Marriage Classes. Fitting of Lengha this weekend. Fitting of Suit next weekend. Fitting of Gown a week before. Hen’s Party.…

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