The Wedding

The Wedding Reception

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon lunch reception that was held at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and not many know that we had to go through many hurdles to have our celebrations held here. We had a tough time deciding on our Reception venue because not many places could check out our requirements within our budget till I almost gave up searching. I remembered Shine asking me where my ‘dream venue’ was and I told him of the days I use to sit by Singapore River with my Egg Sandwich looking up at the Fullerton Hotel wondering if there was even such a thing as a soulmate. To my surprise, that weekend, when we went to meet our Wedding Coordinator, Gemma, at our Bridal Boutique, she mentioned the Staits Room at the Fullerton and how it’ll be perfect for the intimate celebration we wanted. Shine enquired for our Reception and the rest was history.

I’m extremely lucky to say that I got to have my dream wedding celebration held at Singapore’s 71st National Monument held amongst our closest family and friends thanks to the amazing man I married and the wonderful people who’ve supported us through our Wedding prepations. Love you all.

Makeup by Joyce Ler
Outfits by Stylemart Bridal
Photography by Anzai Ong
Videography by Jeri Cillo JMC Films

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