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  • Are You in a Situationship?

    Are You in a Situationship?

    Are you stuck in a Situationship? Make a cup of tea and sit down because it’s time for this big sister to give you the drill. situationship noun A situationship is an ambiguous relationship that has little to no clear boundaries or commitment between two people. I’m using the example of Carrie’s relationship with Mr.…

  • The Reality of Fairy Tales

    The Reality of Fairy Tales

    fairy tale noun plural noun: fairy tales I just turned 36. I’m about as old as the characters in Sex and the City. What is my 36-year-old self up to these days? I live in a 4-Room HDB apartment, became a Dog Mom, a blogger, acquired only 1 more designer bag (and probably the last judging…

  • Being Mrs Prashant

    Being Mrs Prashant

    So it’s been a year, oh my, how time flies! In the past year, I’ve been asked many times, “How’s married life?“. It’s been amazing but of course not without it’s ups and downs. In fact, I’ve been told by experience married couples that often, the toughest period during your marriage are the first years.…

  • The Best Marriage Advice

    The Best Marriage Advice

    I found this beautiful article about marriage on Facebook so I figured I’ll keep it here to remind us whenever the going gets tough. “Choose to love each other even in those moments when you struggle to like each other. Love is a commitment, not a feeling. Always answer the phone when your husband/wife is…

  • Everyday is Valentines’ Day

    Everyday is Valentines’ Day

    I’ll be straight up; I do not like Valentines Day. I think it’s the time of the year retailers mark up their prices, it’s almost impossible to make reservations at restaurants and people walk up to couples to try to get the man to buy a rose for his woman. Eek. I can hear some…

  • Which Comes First – Wedding, Home or Children?

    Which Comes First – Wedding, Home or Children?

    Let me first begin by explaining my situation. I will be turning thirty this September. I have a severe case of endometriosis; a condition my doctor explained will only go away after child birth. Shine and I are trying to apply for a home this year. So the bonus question is – which one should…

  • The ‘D’ Word: Divorce

    The ‘D’ Word: Divorce

    The ‘D’ Word – Divorce. It is still very much a taboo in Singapore despite many cases of them here as well as in many parts of the world. In a marriage, there are ups and downs, triumphs and loss. You made a vow to stick together in sickness and in health, till death do…

  • The Princess and the Frogs

    The Princess and the Frogs

    You must’ve heard the story of The Princess and the Frog. I’ve heard it way back when I was little from our big book of Fairy Tales. My mother would read a story to me every other night before I went to bed until I could learn to read myself. For the benefit of those…

  • The Dream Guy

    The Dream Guy

    I have been frequently asked this question – “What’s the kinda guy you’re looking for?“. Lets see. I’ve never really asked myself this question mostly since I was with one man for almost half of my life so far. And now having had my heart broken and state of livelihood in a tangled mess, it’s…

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