Everyday is Valentines’ Day

I’ll be straight up; I do not like Valentines Day. I think it’s the time of the year retailers mark up their prices, it’s almost impossible to make reservations at restaurants and people walk up to couples to try to get the man to buy a rose for his woman. Eek.

I can hear some of you screaming already, “Don’t bluff! You believe in fairies and you’re a sucker for roses, how can you NOT wanna celebrate Valentines’ Day?!”. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic. But do we have to wait till its Valentines’ to buy roses, chocolates, wine and get laid in some fancy place? No! I find it so ridiculous that we have to spend that extra amount of money to do things on that one day when really, you can celebrate your love any day. If you’re expecting more romance than usual, why not put in that extra effort on your birthdays or anniversary? I think it’s much more meaningful. Call me obnoxious but I rather be seen with a beautiful bouquet of roses in the middle of September than to be seen with a bouquet along with everyone else on 14th February. I rather my man take me to dinner where we get that special attention in the middle of September than share that attention with everyone else on February 14th. And you can forget about booking a room afterwards on Valentines’, either the rooms are fully booked or the price you would have to pay for that room will probably cost as much as a 2 Day staycation every other day.

I wasn’t always an anti-valentine. Of course, as a dreamy teenager, I envied classmates who got flowers from their ‘secret admirers’. The girls would cheekily ask each other the day after who their valentine was, what presents they got and where they went for the date while the single girls just had to watch and envy them from afar. So when I had my first boyfriend, I was eager to jump onto that bandwagon. Unfortunately for me, my boyfriend at that time turned out to be quite an asshole who would only let me celebrate one event a year – Valentines’, my birthday or our anniversary. So if I picked Valentines’, I wouldn’t have a birthday or anniversary celebration from him. Being young and not wanting to be left out from the Attached Girls Club on Valentines’ Day, I would pick that and forgo the other two dates. But as I got older, I realised how insignificant Valentines’ was compared to my birthday and that I was in a relationship with an absolute douche.

Fast forward to my single years, Valentines’ was particularly hard for me. Coming out of back to back heartbreaks, couples walking around with flowers and watching them PDA everywhere made me physically sick and emotionally weak. The last thing I needed was to be reminded that I was alone. A bunch of us at work decided to have dinner and a night out together for those without plans that year. It turned out to be one of the best Valentines’ Day I had in a long time.

Friends on Valentines' Day 2012

Friends on Valentines’ Day 2012

Since I met Shine and became friends, he would always wish me a Happy Valentines’ Day. He still does it now that we’re attached, I just don’t like the idea of going out and spending money on Valentines’ Day itself when his birthday is just a month away. Besides, I’m quite proud to say that Shine showers me with lots of kisses and cuddles, dinners and memorable dates every other day.

Maybe my past experience made me realise what was really important in a relationship. Maybe I might change my mind about V-Day some years down the road. It’s hard to say for sure. But for now, Valentines’ Day is just a distant memory. Who needs it when you’re marrying your best friend? Everyday is Valentine’s Day! Let’s hope it stays that way for all the years to come. Lots of love and kisses to all, especially for my beautiful single readers/friends.

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