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  • How to Style a Blazer with Shorts

    How to Style a Blazer with Shorts

    Our weather here in Singapore can be very unpredictable waltzing from blazing hot to pouring rain in a matter of minutes which explains why we don’t see many of us donning a blazer. The Lauren Button Blazer from Tracyeinny might change your mind – it’s breathable, light-weight, very comfortable and versatile for our climate. It…

  • Vintage Roberto Cavalli

    Vintage Roberto Cavalli

    If you’re a fashion magazine hoarder growing up in the nineties and noughties, you’ll instantly recognise a Roberto Cavalli piece – nature inspired, animal prints and flamboyance representing a fierce and elegant woman. So with the Y2K revival, came the resurgence of celebrities donning their vintage Roberto Cavalli pieces for a new generation to appreciate…

  • Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt

    Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt

    Can you really say you’ve travelled if you don’t bring back a Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt? Back in the 90s, my parents use to collect Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirts whenever we travelled. They were like wearable postcards and it was a thing then. I outgrew the t-shirts but not the dream to someday travel the…

  • A Guide to Thrift and Vintage Shopping in Singapore

    A Guide to Thrift and Vintage Shopping in Singapore

    There has been a keen interest in thrift shopping recently and I’ve been asked multiple times where I go to thrift shop here in Singapore. I guess you can say I’m quite the pro now since I’ve been doing this for years now before thrift shopping was a thing. “Why do you like to wear…

  • Professional Hair Extravaganza for Oly Group 15 Years Anniversary

    Professional Hair Extravaganza for Oly Group 15 Years Anniversary

    To celebrate 15 years, Oly Asia, Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions and Organic Express Hair Color Lab held a Hair Extravaganza Fashion Show at Goodwood Park Hotel. I was honoured to be invited to attend the celebratory event and watch the stylists show their skills during the show. It’s been tough the past couple of years…

  • Daniel Wellington Lumine Collection

    Daniel Wellington Lumine Collection

    Inspired by the hit HBO TV series Euphoria, Daniel Wellington just launched the LUMINE collection. The bestselling Quadro and Petite designs and jewellery are embellished with crystals with the natural mother-of-pearl watch dials in white or black. All pieces are available in 3 colours – Rose Gold, Gold or Silver. Make a sparkling statement today. Specially…

  • Hermes in the Making Exhibition

    Hermes in the Making Exhibition

    Hermes in the Making is an introduction to Hermès artisans and the house’s sustainable and responsible business model. Hermès objects are designed to last, to be repaired and passed on. Artisans of the house’s métiers have brought their tools, materials and expert gestures from their workshops to Singapore to explain how these objects are crafted.…

  • House of Dreams: The Biggest Barbie Exhibition in Singapore

    House of Dreams: The Biggest Barbie Exhibition in Singapore

    If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a huge Barbie fan. She was my first dip into fashion as a child and I had a collection of over 40 Barbies stowed away in the back of my mother’s storage. Back then, I thought my 40 dolls and the countless accessories were a big collection and told…

  • In the Mood for Tracyeinny

    In the Mood for Tracyeinny

    I’m feeling much better these days and it shows from my wardrobe. Here I am in one of my favourite Tracyeinny dresses that I love for its scallop eyelet trimming and pop of colour to match the bounce in my step and my Mood Bag. No prizes for guessing that I’m a mini tote kinda…

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