A Whole Shopee Outfit of Designer Dupes

I’m a designer girly but my bank account does not allow me to buy every single bag, shoe or accessory each new season. I have a few designer pieces that I treasure immensely but judging by the unreasonably rocketing prices and poorly made quality in the recent years, it is getting harder to convince me to fork out my hard earned money for a brand new designer piece especially in this economy.

If you have thousands of dollars to spend on every purse and shoe, good for you! Not all of us have that kind of luxury but that does not mean we can’t be resourceful and enjoy fashion. So with my knowledge of designer goods and the determination to save money, I have been scouring my favourite shopping platforms for some of the pieces on my wishlist and found the best dupes on Shopee.

Here is a whole outfit of designer dupes from Shopee and a price comparison. You’re welcome.

Shopee Outfit of Designer Dupe Rumored Prince Street Knitted Vest

Prince Street Knitted Vest

Rumored: SGD $103
Dupe: SGD $10

Shopee Outfit of Designer Dupe Tiffany & Co. Hardware Link Earrings

Hardware Link Earrings

Tiffany & Co: SGD $23,200
Dupe: SGD $8.78

Shopee Outfit of Designer Dupe Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie Bag and Padded Mules

Mini Jodie Bag

Bottega Veneta: SGD $3600
Dupe: SGD $32

Padded Mules

Bottega Veneta: SGD $1630
Dupe: SGD $26.24

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A Whole Shopee Outfit of Designer Dupes

Grand Total:
SGD $77.02

instead of SGD $28,533

Saving SGD $28,455.98

They are not made with the exact same material, cut or design of course but it’s close enough. Although they are a much affordable option, they are made quite well and if you follow care instructions and keep them well, you can use them for a long while.


I’m a pro at finding designer dupes for the average Singapore fashion girly because I’m a broke bih. Follow me so I can put link in bio, I don’t gatekeep. https://mycollection.shop/lovebellavida Tip: Go to Shopee – Search lovebellavida – Click on Lovebellavida Collection. Or DM for link. #fashiondupe #shopeefinds #tiktokmademebuyit #shopeefashion

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Shopee Collection

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