How to Style a Denim Dress

How to Style a Denim Dress

I was a teenager during the height of Y2K. The Simple Life was the hit reality show, Paris Hilton was the It Girl, Britney & Justin (Timberlake, not Bieber) were couple goals, MTV and E Entertainment were all I watched on TV, running out to buy the latest Smash Hits Magazine for the poster to hang on my room wall, MSN, Livejournal, Neopets and The Sims was my whole life online, referring to Orchard Road as Town, meeting friends at HMV (Heeran), pining for a Motorola Flip Phone or Sidekick (both of which I never got), bucket hats, fanny packs, oversize sunglasses, anything mesh (anyone remember Project Shop Bags?) and denim.

As I grew older, my taste changed. For years, I cringe when I remember fanny packs, my $2 navy blue reversible bucket hat that I wore to death, my mesh accessories and denim dresses. I thought there was no way I was ever going to wear them again but here we are…

How to Style a Denim Dress

Denim Dress: Tracyeinny Maybeline Dress
Bucket Hat: Flea Market find
Sunglasses: Dior Bon Voyage

Since Y2K’s revival, I can take some of these items I’ve had since the ’00s off the top of my shelf and dust them off to show them daylight again. Can they be considered vintage now?

How to Style a Denim Dress

Sling Pouch Bag: Comes with Tracyeinny Maybeline Dress
Name Plate Necklace: Soufeel

A Y2K fashion staple – your outfit isn’t complete without an accessory with your name on it. I can work with a cute Sling Pouch (comes with detachable chain) that can fit my EZ-Link card and lipstick.

How to Style a Denim Dress

Heels: Zalora Mesh & Chain Pumps

These heels were a purchase from a few years ago when I fell hopelessly in love with the Bottega Veneta Stretch Mesh Pumps which surprised me (remember, I swore off anything mesh?) but I wasn’t willing to part with that amount of money so I found these and I love them to bits.

How to Style a Denim Dress

The fact is, sometimes it’s hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes. That’s why we need really special ones now and then – to make the walk a little more fun.”

Carrie Bradshaw.
Lucky Plaza Rooftop

Isn’t it funny how an outfit can bring back memories? How much things can evolve and change yet still feel so familiar. I didn’t think that 20 years later, the clothes and accessories I wore as a teenager would ever be trendy again but that goes to show that if you care for your clothes and love them despite the current trends, you will be strutting around town again with an amour of vintage treasures, if that’s your thing.

How to Style a Denim Dress


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