Coffee Tea Library at Tanglin

Coffee Tea Library at Tanglin

There is this secret retreat that recently opened, tucked away in Tanglin Road. If you’re into tea (and coffee coming up in the near future), you are going to love Coffee Tea Library.


Tea Tasting

Coffee Tea Library at Tanglin

As its name suggests, Coffee Tea Library has an extensive collection of premium quality teas from Japan, Taiwan, China and Vietnam. We were guided through the teas and were able to smell the tea leaves from different regions while enjoying the Tea Tasting session.

Coffee Tea Library at Tanglin

After Tea Tasting, you will be able to choose your favourite flavour and have your pot of tea served to you at a cosy corner complete with swing seats (that actually swing) and power points to charge your devices.

Coffee Tea Library at Tanglin
Coffee Tea Library at Tanglin

It’s a tranquil little haven to enjoy a book or get some work done away from the hustle and bustle of the world. It’s pet-friendly too so you can bring your little one with you while you enjoy your cup of tea.

Coffee Tea Library is still curating their Coffee collection so caffeine-addicts stay tuned.

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Coffee Tea Library, 356 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247674

Opening Hours:
1030 – 1900 (Daily)

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Coffee Tea Library

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