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  • VIP Fashion Presentation for Spotlight: Singapore Stories

    VIP Fashion Presentation for Spotlight: Singapore Stories

    National Day is just around the corner and this year marks Singapore’s Bicentennial — the 200th anniversary of Sir Stamford Raffles’ arrival in Singapore in 1819. The Textile and Fashion Federation (TaFF) launched Spotlight: Singapore Stories 2019 to raise awareness of the works of locally based designers and I was fortunate to be invited by […]

  • Walk Your Talk with STAND

    Walk Your Talk with STAND

    Making my stand with my very own STAND footwear – a pair of open-toe block heels from the exclusive Ruffles Collection in cream. Chic, feminine with a touch of dreams and most importantly, comfortable and versatile; I believe my STAND pair sums up my style and outlook on life. What Do You STAND For? I […]

  • Make Your STAND: Customised Footwear to Represent You

    Make Your STAND: Customised Footwear to Represent You

    I can never have enough shoes and I’m sure most of you ladies feel the same way. I’m a proud mama to a few designers and some vintage but I haven’t had a customised pair yet. If I could design my very own pair, it would be versatile, feminine and definitely comfortable. I was recently […]

  • Chanel Coco Flash Club

    Chanel Coco Flash Club

    Chanel’s Beauty Pop-Up has become kind of a yearly thing for me since Coco Cafe in 2017. Since then, many brands have started doing their own Insta-worthy pop-ups too. I’ve missed quite a handful but I try to make it to Chanel’s cuz it’s themes are always fun and different. This year, it was Coco […]

  • 2 Ways to Style a Puff Sleeve Blouse

    2 Ways to Style a Puff Sleeve Blouse

    Puff Sleeves from the 80s have made a comeback! As much as I love vintage, I’ve never really taken any inspiration from this decade’s over-the-top style but I was surprisingly drawn to the puff sleeves blouse from watching clips of this year’s Fashion Week. I’ve never been keen to spend my hard earn money on […]

  • When Life Gives You Oranges

    When Life Gives You Oranges

    Check out my life in grids on @lovebellavida

  • Frequency: Limited Edition Mini Backpack

    Frequency: Limited Edition Mini Backpack

    I’m not one to follow trends… well, most of the time. But when It Girls like Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid are caught spotting the cute 90s inspired mini backpacks, I couldn’t help but want one of my own. However, we can’t all just go out and spend big dollars on a Chanel and Louis […]

  • Holy Chic

    Holy Chic

    These cross earrings inspired me to come up with this ensemble. Although cross necklaces have been around since the Roman Empire was Christianized, it has become more popular this year especially by Met Gala 2018, brands like Dolce & Gabbana and celebrities like Rihanna donning them. Anyone who’s grown up dancing to Madonna, Prince and […]

  • A Basket Full of Blooms

    A Basket Full of Blooms

    “After women, flowers are the most divine creation.” Christian Dior. A lot of my inspiration for the blog and Instagram comes from flowers and books (and Pinterest too, of course). Recently, I’ve been taking cues from one of my favourite books I’ve acquired – The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior. “After women, flowers […]

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