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  • Love Bella Vida 10th Anniversary Edition

    Love Bella Vida 10th Anniversary Edition

    Love Bella Vida turns 10 today! That’s a decade of reviews, personal stories, travel tips and bringing you along through milestones. Funny how I started this blog privately and on a whim, right after surviving a string of traumatic events on 14th February 2012 in hopes that this date will mean more to me than…

  • Ask for the Moon with Chanel No.5

    Ask for the Moon with Chanel No.5

    2022 will be 10 years since I changed my life. It has been a whole decade. My life has changed so much that most people in it now have no idea. I almost wouldn’t have met and married the love of my life. Almost did not get to travel. Almost did not get to build…

  • All I Want for Christmas

    All I Want for Christmas

    Christmas 2021 Having another quiet Christmas this year. Christmas parties, big dinner gatherings and open house seem like a distant memory now. As much as I do miss some aspects of that, I’m really loving Christmas at home with my little family listening to Christmas Carols in our Christmas Sweaters, sipping on Toffee Nut Latte…

  • The Reality of Fairy Tales

    The Reality of Fairy Tales

    fairy tale noun plural noun: fairy tales I just turned 36. I’m about as old as the characters in Sex and the City. What is my 36-year-old self up to these days? I live in a 4-Room HDB apartment, became a Dog Mom, a blogger, acquired only 1 more designer bag (and probably the last judging…

  • Covid 19: How it Changed My Life

    Covid 19: How it Changed My Life

    Sigh… Covid 19. I think I need not explain how shitty these almost 2 years have been. As some countries start opening up their borders, we here in Singapore are still stuck in our tiny island city. As much as I am very grateful to be in Singapore, I’m so ready for this stupid pandemic…

  • Being Mrs Prashant

    Being Mrs Prashant

    So it’s been a year, oh my, how time flies! In the past year, I’ve been asked many times, “How’s married life?“. It’s been amazing but of course not without it’s ups and downs. In fact, I’ve been told by experience married couples that often, the toughest period during your marriage are the first years.…

  • Sharing Moments from #MrMrsPrashant

    Sharing Moments from #MrMrsPrashant

    Finally, after months of saving, planning and documenting our whole Wedding Journey together through blogging, photos and video, we’ve finally come to this almost last bit of our entire Wedding Series that we’ve affectionately labelled #MrMrsPrashant. Why #MrMrsPrashant? I wanted a hashtag I could use throughout our marriage, not just our wedding. And of course,…

  • 50 Shades of Me

    50 Shades of Me

    Write a note with 50 random things, facts, thoughts, habits, or goals about you. My name is Isabelle Rosta. I’m half Malay and half Ceylonese. I am my parents’ first child out of their 4 children. My Western horoscope is the Libra. My Chinese horoscope is the Ox. I was born and raised in Singapore. My…

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