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  • Island City

    Island City

    Jelly Shoes on original marjolica tiles in Saint Joseph Institution, now Singapore Arts Museum. Having Watermelon Volcano from Geylang Serai Ramadhan Bazaar. Cluster of coconut trees while tanning on Siloso Beach Sentosa. #OOTD on the steps of the former Supreme Court, now the National Gallery of Singapore. Everday essentials in my Louis Vuitton mini pochette that…

  • A Glimpse of Destiny

    A Glimpse of Destiny

    On another late afternoon in 2012, I walked over to the same concrete seat to have my lunch during my one hour break. That lunch consisted of two slices of Egg & Mayonnaise sandwich with a small carton of HL milk to help me last through my late shift at the restaurant. I loved that…

  • What If We Met Earlier?

    What If We Met Earlier?

    I met Shine in 2012 on a random weekday evening while I was on the way to class. We were both 27 and were coming out of a troubled time in our lives. Now, Shine and myself are both 31 and planning our wedding. Most couples I know got married in their 20s or married…

  • My Childhood As I Know It

    My Childhood As I Know It

    I always knew I was a little different. Let me give you a brief background of my heritage. I am half Ceylonese from my mother’s side, half Malay from my father’s side. My mother converted and married my father. They have 4 children and I am their eldest. I grew up with my paternal grandparents living…

  • Protected: With All My Love, Mama

    Protected: With All My Love, Mama

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Thirty on Thirty: Surprise, Surprise

    Thirty on Thirty: Surprise, Surprise

    Ok, so #30on30 has got to be over a week old already. But the weeks event will never be old to me because, duh, it was my big 3-O; the dinners and surprises. And the biggest surprise of them all – the proposal! On my 30th, literally, my 30th, you know, my 30th being on 30th September?…

  • Thirty on Thirty

    Thirty on Thirty

    Still having a hard time believing that thirty years of my life has passed. And yet, I still feel like I’ve only turned eighteen and theres still so much in life that I’ve yet to accomplish. Thirty on Thirty – because I turn 30 today on the 30th of September (yes, I share the same…

  • 100 Reasons Why I Love Shine

    100 Reasons Why I Love Shine

    An old picture of us making silly faces taken in 2013. He is a caring man. His gorgeous smile. His dark tanned skin. He fights off cockroaches for me. He wishes me good morning with a verse every morning. He doesn’t control me. He doesn’t stop me from upgrading my skills. He lets me make…

  • From the Beginning

    From the Beginning

    This is a public announcement service – I am not dead. In fact, I’m very much alive and kicking. Its been awhile since I’ve blogged and I know some of you have been checking back to see if I’ve posted any updates on our HDB balloting results, the Europe trip with my siblings and how…

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