Bella Vida

So here I am. Back to the start.

Make-Up by Addiena Owena

In a matter of just a year, my world came crashing down. I have lost a man whom I have spent 12 years of my life with. I watched my bestfriends whom I thought will never leave walkaway. The broken dreams of having the perfect family reminded by the scars on my cervixs. And having to leave the home I have waited for so long… Here I am – in my 20s, ditched, lost and not knowing where I belong. I’ve cried months on ends. Had sleepless nights and fitfull dreams. Lost my appetite. The pain was unbearable. I had nothing left. Or did I? Then I realize I was so fixed on one direction, I didn’t look around at the other paths to see where it would lead me to. I haven’t actually lived. What was it like to break rules? So what if I can’t have children? Do I really need a man to fill my life? Didn’t I have dreams I wanted to fulfill? It was then I realized that I may have lost it all but I have everything to gain. So I’ve cut my hair the way its never been worn before. Pierced my naval to rebel against my scars. And going to places I’ve never seen. I’m single. I’m free. And I’m loving every second of it! So what is this blog about? Its about a tale of love and lost. An adventure awaiting to be unravelled. A story of the fallen rising once again. The start of a new beginning.

This is my beautiful life – Love Bella Vida ♥

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