Memoirs & Musing

2012 Timeline

JAN 2012: Sentosa New Years Countdown at Siloso Beach Party.
JAN 2012: Pierced naval.
FEB 2012: Opened a new Twitter account @lovebellavida
FEB 2012: Spent my first Valentines Day as a single girl ♥
MAR 2012: Holiday with the cousins in Bali.
MAR 2012: Signed the divorce papers.
APR 2012: Combat Skirmish liasion with Fort Siloso.
MAY 2012: Conducted my last Fort Siloso Emergency Evacuation Drill.
JUN 2012: Enrolled for a Diploma in Makeup Artistry at Cosmoprof Academy.
JUN 2012: Made new friends/classmates from Cosmoprof Academy.
JUN 2012: Reunited with one of my closest friends @loveshots ♥
JUN 2012: Resigned from Sentosa Attractions Management Unit.
JUL 2012: Hired as an Angel (Hostess) at Zafferano.
JUL 2012: Made new friends from Zafferano.
AUG 2012: Clubbed every Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturday!
SEP 2012: Rode on a limo for Lisa’s 21st Birthday surprise.
SEP 2012: Celebrated my birthday at Fairmont Hotel with family and friends.
OCT 2012: Resigned from Zafferano.
OCT 2012: Attended my first Halloween Party at St. James as a Sugarskull.
OCT 2012: Attended Sentosa’s first Spooktacular at Fort Siloso.
OCT 2012: Opened Fairydust (Makeup by Watie Rosta).
OCT 2012: Met a special friend ♥
NOV 2012: Divorce finalized.
NOV 2012: Examination and Portfolio for Diploma in Makeup Artistry.
NOV 2012: Graduated from Cosmoprof Academy with Diploma in Makeup Artistry.
DEC 2012: Interview for Chanel Cosmetics.
DEC 2012: Interview for Estee Lauder Groups.
DEC 2012: Interview for Loreal Expertise.
DEC 2012: One night at The Fullerton Hotel with the cousins.
DEC 2012: Hired as Beauty Advisor/Makeup Artist at Estee Lauder.


2012 has been a year of piecing myself back together and working towards building my dreams.

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