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Registration of Marriage

So we’ve finally registered to get married last week online. Basically it was a 5 pages long process that requires us to fill in personal details like our IC number, education level, occupation, marital status (in case you were divorced, etc) and your two witnesses. Friends have already started asking questions so this calls for a Q&A.

So does that mean you’re married now?
No, not yet my friend. You are only registering to be married.

Must we register to get married?
Yes. You’ll need to register from 3 months prior to your wedding date.

Can’t I just show up at my ceremony?
No. Don’t be an idiot.

How much is the registration? Must pay ah?
It’s $25 to register. But please check your details carefully! Try not to press back or your 4 pages worth of filing will be lost and any changes you’ll like to edit, you’ll be charged an additional $15!

Is this when you can choose your Solemnizer?
Yes. There will be a drop down list of the Solemnizers and their license numbers.

You mean, we need to have witnesses too?
Yes, you’ll need two aged 21 and above. It can be anyone of your choice from family to friends. Ours are his brother and my best friend. But you’ll need to submit a photocopy of their ICs and get them to practice their signatures as they’ll be signing your Marriage Certificate at your Wedding Ceremony.

So I don’t have to go to ROM since I’ve already registed online right?
Unfortunately, you’ll still need to go ROM (IKR) on the date that will be appointed to you via SMS to verify documents and submit your ‘Invitation to Solemnize Your Marriage’ Form.

Huh, a what Form?
An ‘Invitation to Solemnize Your Marriage’ Form. Download and Print this form that will appear after application and make arrangements with your Solemnizer to sign this form.

That’s most of the answers I have. If you have any other questions, you can always check out ROM FAQ Page.

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