Wedding Perfume: Annick Goutal Rose Splendide


A long awaited purchase, I finally got my wedding perfume after months of contemplation. The perfume of choice for the grandest stage in my life goes to Annick Goutal Rose Splendide.

This post will touch on:

  • Why you should have a Wedding Perfume
  • My Perfume Story with Annick Goutal
  • Rose Splendide Fragrance Notes
  • Unboxing and First Impression
  • Where to purchase in Singapore

First of all, I think you should always have perfume on for any event. Some women tend to swear by only one perfume that they’ll use for any function which naturally becomes their signature and then there are most of us who have one perfume for different occasions in our lives. Have you had an instance when you’re washing your hair with a new shampoo that you got and it reminds you of a vacation from years ago? The smell of certain food makes you emotional because it reminds you of your mother’s cooking? That’s because your sense of smell is linked to the part of your brain that triggers memories. I wanted something special and different from my other perfumes so that it will take me and my husband back to our wedding day every time I spritz it on.

Tips for Your Wedding Perfume

  • Choose your perfume according to the location of your ceremony. E.g. if it’s in a garden, you should get a Annick Goutal!
  • Always spritz on a perfume and walk around for an hour to let it sink into your skin before you purchase it.
  • Put on some lotion before you wear your perfume. It helps to make the scent last longer.
  • Spritz on your Wedding Perfume only on Anniversaries or special date nights to trigger memories of your wedding day.

Annick who?“, I can almost see your puzzled faces through your PC screens. As with most of my big splurges, this one too has it’s own story. My story with this perfume house goes way back in 2009. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, since 8 years ago. I’ve always been a perfume lover. I would love to say perfume collector but I have a very small but personal and niche collection. And I’ve always had a somewhat odd taste in perfume, while most of the girls my age then (in my early 20s) were reaching for fruity scents, I wanted the powdery, sandalwood scents… scents that most girls would say smells like, well, grandma. There’s something old worldly, vintage and timeless about them unlike fruity perfumes which makes me feel… fruity. I got to know of this niche fragrance one day while watching YouTube reviews by Katie Puckerik (I’ve been following her since I learned about YouTube) and saw this beee-youuuu-tiful bottle. I wanted it. I have to admit, I didn’t know what it smelt like except from what Katie described it but I just had to have it for the bottle and also because I knew it would smell old-lady-ish, just my kind of perfume. Another bonus point, it can be found in only two locations in Singapore then. But when I heard how much it cost, my heart sank. SGD $200 – $400?! I was only a 25 year old under paid Attractions Host, there was no way in hell I would be able to afford a perfume like that, furthermore, just so I can look and admire its bottle. I still kept it buried in the back of my mind alongside a La Mer Crème, Louis Vuitton Keepall, diamond encrusted Louboutin Pigalles and all of the other shit I can never afford.

So 8 years later, as I was strolling through Sephora looking through the boring selection of perfumes and wondering which one I’m going to wear for my big day, a memory of that pretty bottle jolted in my mind, “Hey, whatever happened to my Annick Goutal? Is it still around?”. So I curiously creeped into Tangs Vivo City (where younger me use to shop) to see if they still had it. To my surprise, they still did after all this time! I slowly turned over the price tag remembering the sticker shock I had then. Fuh, still shocking. But because I’m 32 years old now (and also because I’ve worked in the beauty line), I pulled up my big girl panties, turned around and just asked, “Can you recommend me something from Annick Goutal that cost $200 or less?”. The BA was shocked for a while, I don’t know if its because I was a little too direct with my budget or because I was asking for a Annick Goutal while wearing my geeky glasses and Adidas running shoes (just finished a tour la). She was really nice though, she recommended quite a number of Annick Goutal scents, some were launched after 2011 that are more ‘modern’ (and much easier on the pocket!) but she suggested I go to Tangs Orchard to make a purchase as they had a wider selection.

So out of the wide selection of Annick Goutal fragrance, my choices boiled down to Petite Cherie (which is one of their top sellers) and Rose Splendide but I finally decided on Rose Splendide because I wanted something floral, less fruity, yet soft as both my Wedding Ceremony and Reception are day events.

Who would’ve thought back then that some day, I was going to strike off something I once thought I could never afford out from my Wish List.

Fragrance Notes: Rose de Mai (aka Centifolia Rose), Pear, Vanilla, Magnolia.

Annick Goutal Perfumes can be found in the following outlets in Singapore.

Escentials Paragon
Paragon, 290 Orchard Road, #03-02/05, Singapore (238859)
Tel: +65 6737 2478

Open Daily: 1000 – 2130

Escentials TANGS Plaza
TANGS Beauty Hall, Level 1, 310 Orchard Road, Singapore (238864)
Tel: +65 6734 2122

Open Mon – Thurs, Sat: 1030 – 2130
Open Fri: 1030 – 2300
Open Sun: 1100 – 2030

TANGS Vivocity
TANGS Beauty Hall, 1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-187, Singapore (238864)
Tel: +65 6376 9506

Open Daily: 1000 – 2200

Annick Goutal

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