Wedding Reception Food Tasting at Fullerton Hotel

Last Friday evening, we had food tasting for our Wedding Reception Lunch and invited our family for the joyous event and to be the first to try and comment on the food. As most people have told me, in every wedding, food is the most important. If you ask me, I would say the bride’s dress is the one thing I’ll remember, doesn’t matter if the food is heavenly but if she’s wearing a God awful dress, I’ll remember that horror for life. But, to each their own and for most people, food is important. I’m not by at means a cook or a food expert so I brought in our aunts, in-laws and my mum (ala food critics) to review the food.

borderWe decided to go for the Western menu with 3 main course. We are given one of 2 choices that we were able to choose from for our Reception except for the main course. Shine had to write notes on a form to feedback to the chef. It was fun, the only time I’d ever taste to feedback on anybody’s cooking is my Mama’s, so I felt really special on this day. Let me give you a breakdown on the food and what we thought of them.

  • Soya Marinated Carpaccio of Salmon Shimeiji Mushroom Salad, Wasabi Aoili
  • Blue Sea Lobster Tartar Horseradish-Cream Sauce, Mixed Shiso Cress and Sesame Dressing

I thoroughly enjoyed the marinated salmon, in fact, I felt like going for a second round lol, it had everything I love in a plate. But the majority on the table loved the Lobster Tartar which was really good too by the way. The aunts were concerned that some people may not enjoy raw salmon in Japanese sauce as some of us do.

  • Sage and Thyme Marinated Supreme Chicken, Sauté French Bean Salad, Spring Onion Potato Puree, Natural Wine Jus
  • Seared Crisp Skinned Sea Bass Sem Aloo Masala Wrapped with Savoy Cabbage, Steamed Asparagus, Jus
  • Grilled Rosemary Angus Beef Tenderloin Pumpkin Mousseline, Roasted Garlic Confit and Grilled Baby Carrot with Brolo Wine Reduction

We had a nice selection of chicken, fish and beef! Before tasting, we did discuss that many of our guests may not be able to take beef so we might just reserve it for the bride and groom. But after tasting the beef, the other seated at the VIP table with be served beef too, lol! The chicken however was a bit tough and bland, we Indians need more oomph to our taste buds so instead of having the chicken breast, the chef suggested he’ll use a different part of the chicken and rolled in sauces. The fish, surprisingly, as I’m not so much a fish person (with the exception of salmon), was excellent! It was the winning dish out of all the dishes for the aunts.

  • Fullerton Signature Chocolate Manjari Cake
  • Vanilla Panna Cotta, Red Berry Compote and Crunchy Almond Biscotti

This was a very hard choice for me as I enjoyed them both so much! But we’ll have to choose. Out of the two, according to the aunts, most of our guests will be satisfied with the chocolate cake as some may not enjoy the Red Berry (if you’re one of them, you’re missing out). I felt like having another slice of chocolate. I took my time with the Panna Cotta and finished every bit of it (minus the strawberry). It’s gonna be really hard but we will have to decided which one to serve, it’ll be surprise!

Thank you to our family for being here for the decision making process and for sharing in this joyous occasion. I’m so happy to see my Mama getting along well with everyone too as it was her first time meeting some of them. Here’s a couple shot and a family portrait for keepsake.Two more months to the big day! More wedding updates coming soon, only 2 more months ok so bear with me.

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