Bridal Henna and Nails


One of my favourite bits about being a bride is being able to go all out with henna art and glamourous over-the-top nails and get away with it. How many times in my life can I apply henna on my hands, palms and feet like this again and sit at the same position for more than 6 hours just to wait for it to dry? The things I’d do in the name of vanity. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and it perked me up so why not?

I was introduced to Ameerah by my bridesmaid Sulastri who really likes her portfolio on Instagram. I was pleasantly surprise at her rates too. I’ve been quoted 3 times more for the exact same designs she did here. Extremely pleased with her work and she’s such a sweet attentive lady too.Services Done: Hands & Wrist, Palms, Feet, Henna Sealant.
Price: SGD $180

Henna Aftercare (as advised by Ameerah)

  • Keep henna on for at least 6 hours if possible.
  • Scrape henna to remove. Avoid washing with water. You can apply any organic oil (coconut or olive) and scrape with a spoon.
  • Avoid contact with water and soap for another 6 hours (the longer the better).
  • Wear plastic gloves provided when bathing especially when shampooing hair.
  • Avoid scrubbing or exfoliating skin with henna stain as it fades when a layer of dead skin is taken off.
  • Apply organic oil generously throughout the days leading to your event to protect your henna stain and to aid in darkening.
  • Avoid lotions. Use organic oil to keep your hands and feet moisturised as skin with henna can get dry.
  • Henna is always darkest on finger tips and on palms because of the thickness/texture of our skin.
  • Henna stains should be bright orange upon removal and is darkest after approximately 48 hours.

ADORNED SG by Ameerah Sarpari (Instagram: @adornedbyameerah)

After more than 9 hours, I was able to scrape of the henna and take a picture of the full look with my nails. I’m absolutely loving it. I thought it paired really well with my nails too which I also got at a steal! I would’ve had to pay an atrocious amount of money if I’ve done this extensive work in a Singapore salon. I wanted to have the best of both worlds – henna art and bejeweled french manicured nails.

A little note of advise if you’d be doing the henna art and nails combo – don’t eat with your hands until your wedding is over to avoid staining the colour.Services Done: Nail Extensions (both hands), Gelish Manicure & Pedicure, French Manicure, Bling (2 fingers).
Price: RM $350

E. Artisic Nail Saloon, #02-95 KSL City, 33 Jalan Seladang, Taman Abad, Johor Bahru (80250)
Tel: +60 7-289 1504

Open Daily: 1000 – 2100

I guess as cosmopolitan as I am, looking at the henna on my hands and feet truly made me feel like a bride – excited and ready to get married! And whether or not these are necessary, it made me happy, nothing means more than being a happy bride.

ADORNED SG by Ameerah
E.Artistic Nail Saloon
The Wedding Story

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  1. Wahhh, so pretty and neat artwork. I love henna art, but not so confident to draw at people’s hand yet. I mean, most of the time i will draw at my niece’s hand & feet, lol

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