Preparing a Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Merely days left to our wedding day and I think almost everything is settled and ready to be executed (I hope). It’s gonna be a very jam-packed busy last 2 weeks before 22nd July and my calender is literally filled with back to back appointments! So in order to not leave out of forget anything, I prepared a list of things to pack to the hotel and an ‘Emergency Kit’ for myself, my groom and my bridal party. I know, I’m anal like that.

What is a Wedding Day Emergency Kit?
Touch wood *find wood plank to touch, hopefully there won’t be any emergencies but always better to be safe than sorry. Of course, things like bad weather, nobody can do much about it but bring a big ass umbrella (which I will include in the list). Take note that this is not a do all or die, this are just my thoughts and opinions, you can add your suggestions in the comments too and do share it on Pinterest and Facebook if you find it helpful.

  1. Umbrella – A big one to cover your gown. But please make sure it’s pretty and classy, no ugly insurance or supermarket ads on it please.
  2. Safety Pins – Because you’ll never know if anything snaps or pops.
  3. Plaster – Somebody might get blister from their new shoes abrasions or cuts.
  4. Mints – For when your throat runs dry from the lack of time to drink water. Which also causes stale breath.
  5. Tissue – Confirm need. Someone (or more than one) will either be so touched until cry or laugh until cry. Bring 4 packets or more.
  6. Panadol – In case headache… especially if anyone asks me unnecessary questions (“Wa, married, how many kids you planning for?).
  7. Eye Solution – For contact lens wearers. The last thing you will want on your big day is your lenses getting dried up and stinging your eyes.
  8. Baby Powder – To cover stains on white dress. For other colours, use water, hand soap and the hand dryer.
  9. Hand Sanitizer – There are a multitude of things you can use a saniziter for in case of any hygiene emergency – dirty hands, smelly armpit, smelly feet. Perspiration causes odour.
  10. Lipstick – To apply after eating. But please avoid lipstains (if so, revert to #8).
  11. Cotton Buds – To clean any makeup mishaps.
  12. Compact Mirror – To check yourselves for said lipstains, mascara, eyebrow smudges.

Pack all of these into a cute little purse and get one of your bridesmaids to carry it. And there you have it, no need for some fancy-shmancy bag that costs you a fortune. I was horrified when I see companies selling them for like $80 just because they’re ‘pre-made’?! Siow. Carry only what is necessary, ain’t nobody got time to be lugging around a luggage or an emergency file on a big day. But with that being said, please take care of yourselves prior to the day.

Tips to Avoid Emergencies on Your Big Day.

  • Sleep early the night before. You may be nervous but at least make the attempt to head to bed and have some sleep to avoid headaches or crankyness.
  • Avoid people with flu or who are sick. Yes, I sound like bitch but it’s for precaution especially if you have a low immune system like me. Not everyone is going to be considerate enough to close their mouth when they cough or remember that your wedding is days away.
  • DON’T GET DRUNK the night before. For Christ’s sake (literally), wait till after the day is done and save it for your party for two.
  • DON’T be adventurous with food from the week before the wedding. You do not want to keep running to the toilet when you should be standing or walking down the aisle.
  • DON’T be adventurous with beauty products on the day before your wedding. Use products that you already know works for you no matter what your beautician/aunts/mother says to avoid any allergic reactions.

I hope this has been helpful and do let me know if you think I may have forgotten to add in anything else. This last 2 weeks are going to be really hectic so I may not be blogging for a while but rest assure I’ll be back after our wedding. You can still follow all of my bitesize wedding updates on Instagram and Facebook and I’ll reply as much as I can. Off to get married y’all see you soon as Mrs Prashant!

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