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  • Our Wedding Bands

    Our Wedding Bands

    Just a short update to share – we finally got our Wedding Bands from Tiffany & Co over the Christmas holidays and it’s being engraved with our wedding dates now. I left the box closed because we want them to be a surprise to our friends and family for the actual day just like my…

  • Cinderella Wedding Shoes: Rene Caovilla

    Cinderella Wedding Shoes: Rene Caovilla

    Thank you to everyone who have helped me with my choice and gave suggestions on Instagram and Facebook. It was a very tough (and expensive) decision but after much deliberation, I finally got my Wedding Shoes, a Venetian Designer with over 80 years of heritage – Rene Caovilla. Handcrafted in tulle, pearls, Swarovski crystals, genuine…

  • Bridal Party High Tea at The Fullerton Hotel

    Bridal Party High Tea at The Fullerton Hotel

    Last Saturday, Shine and I arranged for our Bridal Party to meet up to discuss about our wedding. We had High Tea at The Courtyard of The Fullerton Hotel for Pravind (Best Man), Zilin (Maid of Honour), Nasri (Bridesman) and Sulastri (Bridesmaid).We have always wanted to go for a High Tea session but have never…

  • My Bridesmaids

    My Bridesmaids

    I would like to make a special announcement on this post – My Bridesmaids. You are without a doubt the one person that I cannot get married without! The person who has literally seen me through the very worst and very best times in my life, probably the only person who can knock some sense into my…

  • Wedding Countdown: One Year to #MrMrsPrashant

    Wedding Countdown: One Year to #MrMrsPrashant

    Exactly a year from today, I will be Mrs Prashant! I don’t know if a year is still a long way but planning our wedding has been one of the biggest headaches projects we’ve ever had to put together thus far. Although we still have a year, we have settled some of the major aspects…

  • Our Wedding Date: 22 July 2017

    Our wedding date – 22nd July 2017 (22/07/2017). Number 7 – The 7 Colours of the Rainbow, The 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, 7 Days of the Week, 7 Virtues, Angel Number 7. Number 7 is the number of perfection, security, safety and rest. Number 7 contains the number three of the heavens and…

  • Reception Venue: The Fullerton Hotel

    Reception Venue: The Fullerton Hotel

    The first of my string of good news. We have decided on a small and intimate reception at The Fullerton Hotel for family and very close friends. It took us quite a while to decide on the location according to our budget and what we really wanted for our reception. We have both initially thought…

  • The Bridal Boutique: Thomson Wedding Collection

    The Bridal Boutique: Thomson Wedding Collection

    We did it, we signed with Thomson Wedding Collection! If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you would’ve already known this a lot earlier. I’m quite surprised that the process of signing with TWC was fairly easy and came quite naturally for someone as fickle, cautious and hesitant as me. I guess I’ve…

  • Planning Our Wedding

    Planning Our Wedding

    Credits to for the cover photo. A lot goes into planning a wedding. While discussing our budget and guest list over and over again, we realise why people hire wedding planners. But, as I’ve mentioned on our previous wedding update, that will incur additional cost to our budget, besides, I’m quite determined that we…

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