Wedding Countdown: One Year to #MrMrsPrashant

Exactly a year from today, I will be Mrs Prashant! I don’t know if a year is still a long way but planning our wedding has been one of the biggest headaches projects we’ve ever had to put together thus far. Although we still have a year, we have settled some of the major aspects of our wedding. Some. There are still many aspects that we’re left to finalise.

I’m quite grateful that I have our DIY Wedding Binder that I have made earlier on that has helped us keep us in check with regards to what and when things need to be done, our budget and as well as keeping all our documents in one file. Besides, its my personal happy place now; whenever I open and look through it, I feel like a bride and reminds me that I’m finally getting married to my soulmate.

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Here’s a list of stuff we’ve done so far.

We are now in the midst of the following.

  • Writing our Guest Lists.
  • Deciding on our Traditional Bridal Lengha & Jippa.
  • Deciding on our outfits and location for our Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot.
  • Deciding on our Wedding Bands.
  • Designing our Invites for our Church Ceremony.

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TWC informed us that we will be able to select the gowns in January next year and have our photo shoot taken in March 2017 (on his birthday maybe?). We will be discussing the look and feel of our shoot next month. I was hoping for a vintage, old Singapore theme complete with colonial houses and fingerwave hair. Hope it’ll turn out like how we envision.

Still can’t get over the dizziness of having our reception at Fullerton all thanks to my Shine. He really is my knight in shining amour, I would’ve never thought in a million years I would be so lucky to be marrying a man who makes my dreams come true. You’ll be surprised to find out that the Straits Room is below our budget for the initial restaurants, function halls and Country Clubs that were charging us up to $25,000 for minimum of 200pax so we were pleasantly surprise with what Fullerton had to offer, their impeccable service to us and our families and their professionalism. Although the Straits Room fits a maximum of 120pax, we were more than happy to have a intimate reception which we have wanted all along and we were just impressed with them altogether. Plus, I think Shine saw it in my eyes when we first set foot into the Straits Room. “Admit it, you love it right?” he asked and smiled.

Injured Shine signing our contract with Fullerton.
Injured Shine signing our contract with Fullerton.
A pano shot of his family viewing the Straits Room taken by my future brother-in-law.
A pano shot of his family viewing the Straits Room taken by my future brother-in-law.

Most of our family and friends are really excited about the Straits Room too and I’m really blessed. However, there are some people who don’t share the same excitement but, to each their own. No one can stop anyone from having an opinion but please don’t expect to be invited, much less be part of our bridal party. Yes ladies & gentlemen, before it even reached a year to our wedding, we have had our fair share of struggles. Besides struggling to finance our wedding ourselves (which is given, unless you come from a rich family, growing a money plant in your backyard or selling your arse…), certain individuals actually think I have the mental capacity to compete with them. If you’re not financing our wedding, whether we decide to hold it beside the dump site, in a private island in the Bahamas or at Fullerton, it shouldn’t be your problem. It got to a point where even who we’re appointing to be part of our bridal party became an issue. Which brings me to the next point.

One of the most common question I’m asked since I got engaged is “So who are your Bridesmaids?”. I’m quite surprised by the question since I’ve always thought its obvious especially to those who’ve known me for a long time. So I was very amused that (again) certain individuals think that they have a spot in my very small and exclusive bridal party all while bad-mouthing and mocking me and Shine behind my back and the fuss they made when they somehow got word that they will not be my bridesmaid, lol! As if throwing a fit would salvage a position, instead, it made us even more convinced that we picked the right people to stand by us on our big day; the people who have stood by us through the worst and best times in our lives, something no amount of money can buy. I’ll be officially announcing who my Bridesmaids are soon.

We have been window-shopping for our traditional outfits for reception and we’re having a hard time because… everything is so beautiful! But there is a problem – the price tags of all the beautiful bling encrusted lenghas that I pick out causes my heart to stop beating for a second or two. I am saving to purchase my own lengha and shoes (Manolos maybe?) even if I have to starve because I would really love to have a beautiful bridal lengha to keep in my closet to show to my little girl for her to admire someday. The beauty of a traditional wedding outfit is that it will always be precious and timeless, I’m sure most ladies with ethnic backgrounds will agree.

Shopping for our wedding band isn’t as easy though, it was hard to find a pair that we both can agree on. We wanted something different but yet, a pair that compliments each other, just like us, cheesy but heck, its our wedding band, we’re allowed to be cheesy. We found one we both absolutely loved and are working to put a deposit on them. Unfortunately, we will not be revealing them until a year later on our wedding day – 22 July 2017.

Sketching out our ceremony invites.
Sketching out our ceremony invites.

But I can reveal our Ceremony Invites that I’ve painstakingly sketched out. We don’t intend to spend too much on invites because the truth is, who is going to frame it up or even keep it after the event is over (besides our mothers, I think…)? Spending too much on this is quite absurd but however, I would still like our cards to look pretty. So I resulted to taking matters into my own hands (literally) and put whatever skills I have to good use. What do y’all think? Quite nervous at how the end results will turn out after adding the colours and ink. Hope its won’t look too doodle-y. I’ll be making a separate post on the stages of our DIY invites so stay tune.

Wedding MoodboardAs with most bride-to-be, I get most of my inspiration for our wedding from Pinterest. Here are some of my favourite pins and my colour palette for a rough idea of the overall look I’m going for. For the rest, check out my Wedding Mood Board on my Pinterest Profile and please feel free to follow my boards for more wedding inspiration and pictures.
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That’s about most of our One Year to #MrMrsPrashant update so far! As much as it has and will be a roller-coaster of ups and downs, we will cherish these once in a lifetime wedding planning memories as part of our love story hence, the hashtag. Till the next update.

The Wedding Story

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