Wedding Invitation Cards

Our Wedding Invitation Cards are all here and I’m so excited to show them to you…

But before I begin, I should highlight that we are having our Ceremony and Reception as separate functions held on different days and places hence, the reason for two separate cards.

Our Ceremony Cards are customized from scratch and a lot of effort has been put into them from design, material, down to language.

If you recall on our 1year update, I showed you a sneak peak of the sketching. I gradually added the colours and the black ink to add the finishing touch.

Shine thought that it will look beautiful sealed with wax and we went ahead and purchased these items from Backtozero.
What You’ll Need: Sealing Wax Spoon, Sealing Wax Beads, Wax Seal Stamp.

There are many Wax Seal Stamp designs for you to choose from, you can even choose from different coloured handles but we went for the ‘Tie the Knot’ stamp because we are… tying the knot.

Here is the outcome.

Our Reception Cards are quite straight forward as they were provided with our booking although you will get to choose from the variety of designs that Fullerton Hotel has to offer. We went with these champagne pink cover and simply designed inserts. The only thing personalised on these cards is our hashtag #MrMrsPrashant.

I’m overall pleased with how our cards came out and really happy we finally have them in our hands. We’ll be writing your names down and you’ll be receiving your cards very soon loves.

Again, I will stress that the Reception is only reserved for our nearest and dearest – family and very close friends – as it is an intimate size and we are hosting it on our own as a couple. So I seek your kind understanding.

The Wedding Story

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