5 Signs You’re The Bridezilla from Hell

Are you a blushing bride or the bride from hell? Here are 5 points to see where you’re headed…

1. You Stop Caring for Anything (or Anyone) Else.

So you’re planning your wedding, we get that it occupies your thoughts. But please don’t expect everyone else to have your wedding on their mind 24/7 too or the world to stop turning just because you’re getting married. You still have a job, you still have bills to pay, your parents still have your other siblings to think of and your bridesmaids still have a life. Getting married doesn’t give you an excuse to slack on the job, neither does it give you the right to be an entitled bitch. If one of your girlfriends had just broken up with her fiancé, don’t throw a fit if she doesn’t respond to your personalised bridal hangers in the same excitement as you. And don’t expect your friends to shift their baby showers and birthday plans just because you want them to follow you around for your bridal chores. Everyone has their own milestones to celebrate and problems to deal with, don’t expect them to drop whatever they are doing to be at your feet. You’re a bride, not the queen.

2. You Decide to Plan Your Own Bachelorette Party (Girl?!)

Okay Bridezilla, we can all understand you want the perfect wedding. But the perfect bachelorette party? And we’re not talking about subtle hints here, we’re talking about actually telling your MOH how, when and what to do at your Hen’s Night! That’s just not classy. You’ve personally chosen her to be your Maid of Honour which means she should be your Ride or Die, so why can’t you trust her to throw you your Hen’s Night? This is a role for your bridesmaids and their chance to celebrate you – let them at least have that! They’re your Bridesmaids, not your maids.

3. Your Bridesmaids Defriend You.

So you’ve had one bridesmaid who hasn’t been helpful or always seem to have something nasty to say to you, fine, you can probably say she’s jealous. But two of your bridesmaids? Or worse, three?! Your bridesmaids not only stop wanting to have anything to do with your wedding, they stop answering your calls and avoid meeting you altogether?! Your MOH whom you’ve known since forever decides to resign from her position and call it quits on your wedding and friendship?! Girl, you need to start asking if the problem is really them or you.

4. Your Wedding Costs More than Most College Fees.

Your parents have offered to help with the wedding expenses but that doesn’t mean that they have to pay for expensive ridiculous shit that you don’t need to have at your wedding. So those gaudy crystal covered vases, flowers from the highest peak of the Himalayan mountains and red carpet on the beach got to go.  If you’re not born into royalty, don’t expect your parents to be spending their life savings for things your wedding can do without (read point no. 1 above). So you want those things because this is your once in a life time opportunity? Get them yourself. But just because you’re growing a money tree in your backyard or shitting gold doesn’t mean all your guests are too. Don’t demand expect your guests to give you a minimum sum of money in their Ang Baos per person. It’s a wedding, not a circus performance, they are not required to give you a minimum sum. You invited these guests to celebrate your marriage because they’re important to you so trust that they will show you their love and gratitude in a way that they can.

5. You Forgot You Have a Groom.

For heaven’s sake, don’t forget your groom! Remember that amidst the princess treatment you’re getting from your parents, relatives, bridal party and vendors, it’s your man’s wedding too! He is the reason you’re getting married at the first place and this wedding is to celebrate your union! It’s not his fault that the table runner doesn’t match the chair covers and quit ordering him around, he’s going to be your husband, not your servant. Treat him with care and affection amidst these stressful months because he’ll probably need it more than he’s showing. If you want a party focused on just you, throw yourself a birthday party.

Note: This is a general thought written purely for amusement and I am in no way directing any of these points to anyone in particular. It is a way to keep myself in check and can maybe help some of my bride-to be readers have a little laugh and think through their actions whilst going through this stressful period in their wedding planning journey. But if you’re feeling the pinch and throwing a fit about this, then you’ll probably need this list more than you think, xoxo.

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