Thoughts of a Bride-to-Be

I cannot believe it is already 2016 – the year we will be planning our wedding. Our dateline of sitting in the ‘We’ve Just Got Engaged’ bubble is almost up, time to actually make things happen, no more procrastinating.

Shine and myself will be hosting our wedding. Hence, we will both be saving and planning for it on our own. I kind of have an idea of what I’d want our wedding to be like; including Plan B and Plan C in case Plan A doesn’t work out so we don’t feel the need of having a wedding planner. Besides, I do not want to incur additional cost to our budget; which brings me to the next point.

As I’ve mentioned, we are saving for our own wedding. We will both be 31 this year (omfg) and its only ethical if we host and pay for our big day with both our not-so-high salaries all while I’m still studying. With that said, I am not looking to host our wedding at Grand Hyatt in a Alexandra McQueen gown (ala the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton), serve a 10 course dinner and have a wedding cake that towers over us. Put it simply, we are not so rich la okay. Our budget is quite tight, honestly given our situation. I am being quite realistic with our expectations and Shine is on the same boat as me. So please don’t look at other weddings and start comparing it to how my dress is not as glamorous, food is not as tasty, music is not as happening, flowers are not as fragrant or any kind of crap along that line because you’re not paying for it. Besides, its a wedding, not X-Factor, no one is telling you to keep scores. I will not tolerate any Juli Bun Bun behaviour, rest assured you will be easily striked off the invite list.

If we could have it our way, we would be fine with just signing a paper at ROM because I’m really more excited about spending the rest of my life with him than throwing a wedding. But being Indian (well, half-Indian in my case), Shine is the eldest and first son/sibling/cousin to get married on both his paternal and maternal side, which is huge in any Asian family. He is also close to them which is a far cry from my situation. My family on the other hand isn’t very big to begin with, only my maternal side will be invited to avoid conflict and even that, I wish there are certain people whom I don’t have to invite since all they’ve done was put me down. I rather save the seats for my friends who’ve been more like family to me through my worst. We are really throwing a wedding for our parents because as much as it’ll be our wedding, its our parents’ proud moment to see us get married off.

Now, on to happier things. How will our wedding be like? I’ve set my eyes on a few wedding boutiques. We’ve decided on having our photo shoot done in Singapore because this is our home. Shine’s wish is to have our ceremony in church and I hope to have an all white afternoon tea reception; vintage garden party with a Bollywood fusion with champagne toast, roses everywhere and a 3 tier cake. I’m not really particular with the venue though but a semi outdoor location would be nice but we’ll see. What’s important is that Shine and myself look impeccable, that I get to wear outrageously gorgeous heels (its my wedding) and that our photos and videos come out perfect which is what we are willing to spend on the most because that is what you would replay and reminisce together when we are old.

I will let you know about the vendors on my Wedding Vendors list in case you’re interested of hiring them but I will not go into details of appointments or review vendors I didn’t select for our wedding in here because I only want the highlights of our lives to be on the blog. You can go to my Twitter or Facebook for more up-to-date details on that. I’m hoping to not have unpleasant experiences though.

I’m glad to say I’ve gotten over my fear of weddings. Sometimes my stomach still turns when I’m asked details and if you push it too far, I might still run to the toilet to barf. It took me awhile to actually watch Say Yes to the Dress again and buy wedding magazines; I’ve since bought two magazines that I refer to from time to time. But after all the planning around my sister’s wedding and with time, I’ve mastered the courage to look pass the fuss and froufrou. I realise that I still have dreams in me after all that has happened. But most importantly, I know now that there is someone in my life who has held my hand and walked me through despite knowing all my flaws, my past, my weaknesses and still loves me, what should stop me from marrying him?

Good things can still happen to me after all.

The Wedding Story

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