Wedding Countdown: One Month to #MrMrsPrashant

Can’t believe that it’s only a month to our wedding! It feels like only recently he proposed. Most of the arrangements have been more or less settled and finalizing by these last few weeks.

  • Attending Marriage Classes.
  • Fitting of Lengha this weekend.
  • Fitting of Suit next weekend.
  • Fitting of Gown a week before.
  • Hen’s Party.
  • Menu arrangements for Reception.
  • Ceremony Rehearsal.

If I haven’t been feeling the jitters in the past months, I’m definitely feeling them now! I would like to say a big thank you to those of you who have responded promptly to our invites, all your personal well wishes and reaching out to help us for our big day. If I haven’t said this to you, please know that it means a ton to the both of us. I know it’s not easy for a handful of you but we’re really blessed to have people like you in our lives.

It’s been an amazing experience planning our big day but his journey has been exciting as well as nerve-wrecking and to some extent, heart-breaking. Like most weddings, I’ve learned who have been truly supportive and who’ve been throwing shade but one thing’s for sure, I picked the right people to be in our Bridal Party. Thank you Zilin, Sulastri, Nas and Pravind for the late nights, for calming our nerves, for keeping us in check, for lending us a listening ear and for always trying to make me laugh and not turning me into a Bridezilla. And best of all, I know I’m marrying the most amazing man I have and will ever meet. Despite the arguments and my sometimes erratic behaviour, we somehow still have not killed each other, lol. Thank you for always making sure our plans run smoothly and for taking over my Bridezilla crown because you know it might all get too overwhelming for me.

Truth is, I’m not looking for things to be perfect or to go exactly as planned. But as long as I have these people by my side and marry my Sunshine, that is my happily ever after. I’m so relieved, nervous and excited our big day is so close; literally counting down the days till I marry my best friend!

The Wedding Story

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