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  • All I Want for Christmas

    All I Want for Christmas

    Christmas 2021 Having another quiet Christmas this year. Christmas parties, big dinner gatherings and open house seem like a distant memory now. As much as I do miss some aspects of that, I’m really loving Christmas at home with my little family listening to Christmas Carols in our Christmas Sweaters, sipping on Toffee Nut Latte […]

  • Our HDB BTO Home Plan

    Our HDB BTO Home Plan

    Surprise, we got our keys! We collected them way back in January actually. Sorry we took so long to update but I really did not want to rush through this particular post because it’s a big milestone in our lives and marriage and there really is a lot that I would like to share from […]

  • Being Mrs Prashant

    Being Mrs Prashant

    So it’s been a year, oh my, how time flies! In the past year, I’ve been asked many times, “How’s married life?“.It’s been amazing but of course not without it’s ups and downs. In fact, I’ve been told by experience married couples that often, the toughest period during your marriage are the first years. It […]

  • The Best Marriage Advice

    The Best Marriage Advice

    I found this article on Facebook and I think it is the best advice about marriage that I’ve heard so I figured I’ll keep it here to remind us whenever the going gets tough. “Choose to love each other even in those moments when you struggle to like each other. Love is a commitment, not […]

  • Krabi 2017: Our Honeymoon in Rayavadee (Part II)

    Krabi 2017: Our Honeymoon in Rayavadee (Part II)

    On Day 1 of Our Honeymoon, we explored the facilities Rayavadee had to offer. Day 2 of our stay in Rayavadee was spent Island Hopping and dining in a friggin cave! I’ve been waiting so long to do these and what better way than to check them off my Bucketlist than with my now *ahem […]

  • Krabi 2017: Our Honeymoon in Rayavadee (Part I)

    Krabi 2017: Our Honeymoon in Rayavadee (Part I)

    Finally posting up the first part of our Honeymoon at Rayavadee, Krabi! Yes, I know, this was a while ago in early September and it’s now coming to November and summer has officially came and gone but it’s always summer in this part of the world anyways but some of you have been shaking me […]

  • The Wedding Ceremony

    The Wedding Ceremony

    It was a beautiful Saturday morning, the big day is finally here. Our jouney to this day was not an easy one, we had to go through many hurdles to be together. I believe fate led us to each other and it’s funny how people from two different backgrounds can fall in love and become […]

  • Our Wedding Thank You Note

    Our Wedding Thank You Note

    It’s been a while to really collect ourselves and let everything sink in. We are still waking and wondering, “Holy shit, it actually happened.” It has been an emotional journey, one that has brought moments of hurt and indecision, but an overwhelming amount of triumph and joy. In truth, it might have been possible without […]

  • Wedding Countdown: One Month to #MrMrsPrashant

    Wedding Countdown: One Month to #MrMrsPrashant

    Can’t believe that it’s only a month to our wedding! It feels like only recently he proposed. Most of the arrangements have been more or less settled and finalizing by these last few weeks. Attending Marriage Classes. Fitting of Lengha this weekend. Fitting of Suit next weekend. Fitting of Gown a week before. Hen’s Party. […]

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