Krabi 2017: Our Honeymoon in Rayavadee (Part I)

Finally posting up the first part of our Honeymoon at Rayavadee, Krabi! Yes, I know, this was a while ago in early September and it’s now coming to November and summer has officially came and gone but it’s always summer in this part of the world anyways but some of you have been shaking me by my shoulders and asking when in blue bananas am I gonna show you the friggin photos. My apologise. I’ve been swarmped with assignments since our Honeymoon ended. But I promise, you’re in for a treat and we’ve got tons (and I mean tons) of photos, a room tour, a vlog and a complete review for you.

If you’re curious about the price, booking or you’d like to check out reviews by other travellers, do check out the links I’ve provided at the end of each Honeymoon in Rayavadee post and it will direct you to Agoda or/and TripAdvisor respectively. Curating and documenting Travel posts takes a lot of time and work and I earn a small sum when you book through these affiliate links to help me run my blog. Your kind support is very much appreciated but nevertheless, thank you for taking your time to read this post.Here is us at Terminal 2 of Singapore Changi Airport ready to check-in and we’ve brought a new toy – the GoPro Hero 5 – with us to document our first vacation as husband and wife! Hopefully he’ll be able to find the time to review it soon!

So you must be curious to know why we decided to spend our Honeymoon in Rayavadee, Krabi. You have no idea the amount of times I’ve been bombarded with this question while we were planning our wedding. “Why go to Krabi?“, “Why don’t go Europe?“, “Why so expensive?!“, “Why don’t stay at XXX Resort in Krabi, so much cheaper?!“. Let me enlighten you inquisitive beings. I first came across Rayavadee through reading the first edition of 1000 Places to See Before You Die a very long time ago, way before I even met Shine. It was my favourite book then at a time when I didn’t have my freedom but this book allowed me to explore through words and my imagination. I read of an exotic paradise where we could dine in an ancient cave and stay in gradious looking huts. And it’s in Thailand! It felt so near yet, so far then. I was sold and thought to myself, “Someday, when I meet the right man, I hope he brings me for a romantic getaway here”. And tada, we’re here! Yes, its expensive and yes, it’s not Europe. But, so what? It’s our Honeymoon and our memories. We wanted somewhere where we could just relax after the hassle of throwing a 2 Day Wedding, we’re not gonna lug our backpacks and travel across continents, we have a whole lifetime together to do that! And how many couples can actually say they spent their honeymoon at one of the 48 Epic Dream Hotels to Visit Before You Die listed by Matador Network? *Raises hands.


Rayavadee has three beaches – Nammao Beach, Railay Beach and Phranang Beach. In the Three Part series of Our Honeymoon, you’ll get to see all three beaches.

Naomma Beach – The Arrival Beach where guests will be greeted. This beach is not recommended for swimming.
Railay Beach – Walk a short distance to the island’s Beach Bars and shops.
Phranang Beach – Where you can find the Princess Cave.

Looking at the map, you might think that everything is out of reach and that you’ll need the buggy to chauffer you around (which they have too with just a phonecall). But throughout our stay here, we only took the buggy once and walked everywhere will take you about 10 minutes from one end to the other! So don’t let the map fool you. We were ushered all the way from the airport into a private car into this luxurious speed boat! And when we arrived at Rayavadee, we were greeted by this beautiful sight of the first beach on the list – Naomma Beach. It was low tide then, so the boat had to be pulled in by a tractor.

It was time to see our Two-Storey Deluxe Pavillion which we would be calling ‘our home’ for the next 3 Days.

  • Complimentary champagne (through the Honeymoon Package).
  • Complimentary unlimited wired and wireless broadband Internet access.
  • Flat screen satellite TV with local and international channels, DVD/CD player.
  • Information on hotel facilities and dining outlets.
  • Spacious bathroom with separate bathtub and shower stall with overhead shower.
  • Fully stocked Mini-bar.
  • Coffee and tea making facilities.
  • In-room safe with power point for re-charging of devices.
  • Signature bath amenities.
  • Hair dryer.
  • Slippers and Bathrobes.
  • Flashlight.
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services.

You have no idea how long I’ve waited to see this circular shaped huts amidst giant rock formations and palm trees, it’s my tropican vacation dream! Better yet, we even got to swim in the pool which was placed in between these ancient limestones and the Andaman Sea! It’s designed as an infinity pool that stretches out to sea so it feels like you’re swimming in a postcard. And I brought a flamingo friend with us, you can read all about him – Whatever Floats Your Flamingo.
Also, in case you were wondering, yes, I swam with my Baroque Shades on. After swimming, we walked around Rayavadee to orientate ourselves and found out there was Tea Time. Although we were saving our stomachs for dinner, we couldn’t help ourselves (PBG). A little cream cup and miniature burgers won’t hurt right?After Tea Time, we went back to our room to rest and recuperate, as if there was anything to recuperate from. This is what I love most about resort vacations, its all about eating, swimming, sleeping and more eating.

Krua Phranang

As the name suggests, Krua Phranang is located at Phranang Beach at the northern side of the resort. We got to have our quiet dinner by the beach overlooking the waves and watching crabs crawl on the sand while we sipped on our drinks. The service was absolutely amazing too and they made sure to set and change your cutlery after every dish.We had a beautiful first day spent in Rayavadee. If you like what you’ve seen on Part 1, wait till you see what’s in store for you in Part 2 of our Honeymoon in Rayavadee.

Krabi 2017 Our Honeymoon in Rayavadee:
Part III
Part II

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  1. Such a gorgeous property! I think this area, near Phranang beach, is the best to stay in Thailand. Your pictures are amazing and I can see this must’ve been one super honeymoon!


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