Our HDB BTO Home Plan

Surprise, we got our keys! We collected them way back in January actually. Sorry we took so long to update but I really did not want to rush through this particular post because it’s a big milestone in our lives and marriage and there really is a lot that I would like to share from our experience that I feel may benefit you.

  • Our New Home
  • Defect Checking
  • Our Home Concept

Mr & Mrs Prashant’s Home

4 Room BTO (96sqm)
Opted-Out All Components

Defects Check

We did not engage an ID hence, we did the defects checking on our own. If you’re engaging an ID, I believe it comes in your renovation package. Don’t worry though, it’s not difficult, you just need to do your homework on where and what to check and get as many eyes and hands to help out. Shine and me did it ourselves and my mother came to check another round with me on a separate day so let me share with you everything I’ve researched over the almost 4 years wait and our personal experience.

Prepare to set aside a full day for defects checking. I cannot stress enough to check every nook and cranny of your home especially if you opted in for all the components. We spotted around 40 defects (3 papers full, oops) but most of them were minor ones like a crap load of scratches on our door, the handles, some on the wall tiles, some tiny chips and lots of uneven paintwork. Our major concern was the shitty water pressure which actually turned out to be some water-saving function in our taps! When the contractors took it out, the water gushed out, lol! Thank God, we’re able to change the taps (at our own expense though).

Tools to Bring

Camera Phone – Photos as evidence in case rectification is not carried out.
Phone Charger – To check if electrical sockets are working (also to charge phone, lol).
Masking Tape – To physically mark the location of defects.
Markers – To write notes on masking tape.
Measuring Tape – To measure areas you need to note.
Torchlight – To check any dark areas.
Tapping Rod/Coin – To tap on tiles to ensure they are not hollow.
Newspapers – To put your bags and items.
Stools – To sit on so you don’t have to cross-leg and sit on the floor.
Pail – To pour water onto washroom/kitchen/service yard floor to see if it flows into drain.
Rags – To wipe stains or dusty surface.
Tissue – To clean your hands or when you sneeze from dust.
Broom & Dustpan – Preferably with fibre bristles.
Gloves – To protect your hands from dirt or broken objects.
Water & Snacks – In case you get hungry and to hydrate yourselves.

After you have done your checks, make an appointment through the QR Code available on a paper pasted in your unit or go to your neighbourhood office to get the HDB inspectors to go through your defects with you. If you want them to check on a weekend, the slots gets fully booked fast so I had to come back on a weekday. I heard from a neighbour that we have to do our checks within 7 days of key collection, we manage to get it done within the week.

HDB will provide you with an official defects list to write down the defects and sign once the check has been completed. You can ask for as many papers so don’t worry about not having enough space to write them down. However, that list does not tell you where or how to check so I took my time to list down how I did it in this link below. You don’t have to print this out, save the trees, you can save it on your phone as your guide.

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Plan & Concept

Practical & PersonalFrankly, we don’t exactly have a theme. While searching for IDs the past 3 years, we often got asked if we wanted an Industrial/Scandinavian/Minimalist/Country/etc theme. Huh? I guess our “theme” is a little bit of his taste and a little bit of… okay, mostly, my taste, for our home.

What we both want is a basic renovation with just an additional built-in wardrobe and a dining booth with attached counter. We are not renovating our bathrooms, no pillars, no down lights, no platforms, instead we want all our walls and floors the same colour to keep it in unison. We plan to live here for as long as we can so I want to be able to change up the look every now and then, pillars and built-in walls will make that difficult. And our main priority is that it has to be practical and easy to clean. If we do get bored of it, we have a 5 and 10 year renovation review, for now we want to see our home filled with our travel trinkets, photos and our memories all together.

Also, we are renovating our home step by step with a contractor and a little DIY. I’m trying to keep everything within a 20k renovation budget so I figured by doing things bit by bit, it’s easier for us to keep track of the finances and especially to check and rectify if there’s any mistakes or defects caused compared to taking a loan and get the whole house done in 3 weeks.Sorry for letting you guys down if you’re expecting a lavish renovation, I really don’t get why some people think I would do that when most of you know I shop at thrift stores, don’t own a credit card, take the MRT everywhere and love a good bargain. Yes, I do love me some YSL and Balmain but I love my $15 rattan bags and 10 year old $5 earrings just as much. Beautiful things don’t have to be expensive and building a home certainly doesn’t have to be either.

Prashant Residence

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