Ariston Andris Slim 30 (SL30) Storage Heater

Ariston Andris Slim 30 (SL30) Storage Heater

I take long showers, I take them regularly and I’m not ashamed to say that. I love my showers, there’s just nothing like coming home from a long, hot, sweaty day of work, standing under the shower and just let it wash away all that grime and stress. In fact, I told Shine that one of my requirements for our home is to have a simple but beautiful zen-like bathroom. So I was extremely happy that we got our bathrooms with sleek plain tiles. I even bought my candles and fragrant soaps, now all I need is warm water.

I’ve been an Instant Heater and Storage Heater user so when I was finally able to choose my very own heater for our home, I decided on the Ariston Andris Slim 30 Storage Heater.

Why Ariston Andris Slim 30 Storage Heater?

  • Capacity of storage heater is more suitable for rain showers.
  • Storage heater connects water to all bathrooms.
  • Dislike the sudden scalding hot water that burns your skin from instant heaters.
  • Dislike the waltzing hot/cold water during warm/rainy days from instant heaters.
  • Designed for Singaporean homes (HDB and Condominiums).
  • Has a bigger capacity but is still slim enough to fit nicely in our tiny bathroom.
  • Healthier and cleaner shower with Ag+ Silver Ions and anti-bacterial properties.
  • The chic Italian Art Design by Umberto Palermo.
Ariston Andris Slim 30 (SL30) Storage Heater


I know many of you would think twice about getting a Storage Heater mainly due to the cost. Owning a new home is fun and all but it comes with added responsibilities like paying bills so of course we want to pinch every dollar we can! Instant heater can be easier on your wallet for now as it heats the water only when you need it. However, as your family grows and as more of you are going to work and school at different times in a day, the storage heater is more effective since the water is already heated up. Plus, all you need is just 1 good storage heater for all the bathrooms in your home that can last you 10 years or more compared to instant heaters for each individual bathroom that may scald you or your kids after 5 years so it’s important to take all of these into consideration.

In terms of the time it takes for the water to heat up, it didn’t take me very long. I switched my heater on about 10mins before taking a shower and I did not get scalded and the temperature of the water was consist and warm throughout the shower.


You didn’t think I was going to get a big ugly water tank to stick out like a sore thumb in our bathroom right? HDB homes are now getting smaller and having a bulky storage water tank is not only ugly, it probably can’t fit in! The designers of Ariston were so thoughtful to come up with heaters that are customized to fit into the nooks of our tiny HDB bathroom walls. Plus, it’s an exclusive Italian design.

Ariston Andris Slim 30 (SL30) Storage Heater

This is where your Storage Heater will be attached to, usually located in the toilet by the walkway for 3, 4 and 5 Room BTO homes. The tapes are to indicate to the contractor that the piping in the walls are for cold or hot water. Advisable to not remove the tapes until you have moved in and live in for a while and when you don’t face any piping or leaking issues.

Ariston Andris Slim 30 (SL30) Storage Heater

Are we enjoying the Ariston Andris Slim 30 Storage Heater?

Although these are my preferences for our home and based on my experiences, you may have your own requirements too but the reviews I’ve heard from many veteran home owners are that Ariston heaters are really the best and require little to no maintenance for the 10 years and more since they’ve purchased it! You know you can trust a brand when your aunts, uncles and mum swears by it.

Ariston Andris Slim 30 (SL30) Storage Heater

With the 30L capacity, cleaner water and sleek design, the Ariston Andris Slim (SL30) is definitely an investment and just what our household needs. Now I don’t have to worry about sudden scalding hot water and freezing showers when it rains thanks to my Ariston Andris Slim.


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