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  • Travelling is a Journey

    Travelling is a Journey

    Travelling is a journey. The beauty of travelling is that you can go anywhere from as far as across the continent or across the causeway; in winter to play in the snow or summer to a tropical paradise for a tan; take the plane, a train or a bike; with your best friend, your partner,…

  • Our First Couplemoon (Part V)

    Our First Couplemoon (Part V)

    For the final episode of our Couplemoon in Greece, we bring you to the Red Beach in Akrotiri, visit the Archaeology Site believed to be the lost city of Atlantis and go shopping in Fira before heading home. Red Beach The Red Beach earns it’s name from the iron-rich sedimentary rocks and sand in the…

  • Our First Couplemoon (Part IV)

    Our First Couplemoon (Part IV)

    On this episode, we walked down 600 flights of stairs down Old Fira Port, ride on a Pirate Ship to an active volcano, visit the little town of Oia, found the quirky Atlantis Bookshop and watch the most beautiful sunset. Fira Old Port The old port of Fira is at the bottom of the Caldera…

  • Our First Couplemoon (Part III)

    Our First Couplemoon (Part III)

    This episode would be a short one because I fell ridiculously sick! I was really scared because I have never fallen sick in foreign country before and I didn’t wanna miss our flight to Santorini. While Shine helped me to pack all of my stuff into our luggage (thank God we shared!), I forced myself…

  • Our First Couplemoon (Part II)

    Our First Couplemoon (Part II)

    On our second day in Athens, we had a lot going on! We visit the Acropolis, the Temple of Zeus, shop in the Plaka District, watch the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, feed some hungry pigeons, visit a Metro Station that was built on top of history itself and…

  • Our First Couplemoon (Part I)

    Our First Couplemoon (Part I)

    Before I begin this travel series, I would first like to mention that I know the term ‘Couplemoon’ does not exist. It was made up by Lisa. Well, there are Honeymoon for newly weds and Babymoon for expecting parents so why not a Couplemoon for couples? After all, a couple who travel together, stay together.…

  • Staycation at Quincy

    Staycation at Quincy

    My darling Shine and myself spent a lovely weekend at The Quincy Hotel to celebrate my 29th birthday. We had a lovely time and were so happy with the service and amenities, I wanted to share our experience here. Upon entering our room, I was amazed at how compact yet spacious the layout was. It…

  • Trick Eye Museum

    Trick Eye Museum

    Attention all camwhores, step right up! You’ll love what the Trick Eye Museum has to offer. No need to be shy here, pose to your hearts content, most likely the person standing next in line will be glad to copy your pose! Without further a do, lets begin… Spoken like a true ‘Ass Man’. Paris…

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