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  • Maldives 2013: My Weekend in Paradise

    Maldives 2013: My Weekend in Paradise

    Would you believe if I said that this trip was impromptu? About 3weeks before the long Eid and National Day weekend came, I told Mama, “Where can I escape to this year?” and she replied, “Lets go to an island paradise”. Our initial plan was to go to Phuket. But flight and accomodation cost were […]

  • The Passport Project

    The Passport Project

    I had recently renewed my passport in April and got myself a cover too from Victoria’s Secret. Its gold and shiny with the words ‘Bon Voyage’ (‘have a good trip’) imprinted on it to celebrate all my new adventures. I’ve always wanted to travel but certain circumstances in the past have held me back. I […]

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