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  • Bangkok Adventures (Part III)

    Bangkok Adventures (Part III)

    We start off this entry with a picture of our cab in a jam. Throughout our stay here, there were occasions travelling on the road when we will encounter what Bangkok is also well known for – traffic jams. It wasn’t as painful as we expected. I guess, it depends on when and where you’re…

  • A Memorable Experience in Kanchanaburi

    A Memorable Experience in Kanchanaburi

    One afternoon in 2009, all the way at the western end of the island Sentosa, a few Fortians in green camo and khakis told each other, “One day, we would visit the Death Railway together“. And then, four years later… This trip to Kanchanaburi is very personal to me. I’ve learned so much about the…

  • Bangkok Adventures (Part II)

    Bangkok Adventures (Part II)

    So here we are at the second part of the Adventures of the Bitch Trinity. On this episode, you’ll see us rolling on the rivers of Bangkok, visit to Wat Pho, the Grand Palace and Khaosan Road. On the itinerary was the Grand Palace to start the day (after spending almost the whole morning watching…

  • Bangkok Adventures (Part I)

    Bangkok Adventures (Part I)

    Let me start of by saying that travel journaling/blogging is not at all easy! To be honest, my initial plan was to put all 5 days of photos and details into one post but the codes and scrolling messed with my head and I can imagine loading would be a killer! Hence, I’ve settle for…

  • My Weekend in Maldives

    My Weekend in Maldives

    Would you believe if I said that this trip was impromptu? About 3 weeks before the long Eid and National Day weekend came, I asked Mama, “Where can I escape to this year?“. She replied, “Lets go to an island paradise“. Our initial plan was to go to Phuket but flight and accommodation costs were…

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