Trick Eye Museum

Attention all camwhores, step right up! You’ll love what the Trick Eye Museum has to offer. No need to be shy here, pose to your hearts content, most likely the person standing next in line will be glad to copy your pose!

Without further a do, lets begin…

IMG_20140910_132316Spoken like a true ‘Ass Man’.

2014-09-09-10-00-22_decoParis Street; Rainy Day (or Paris: A Rainy Day) is a large 1877 oil painting by the French artist Gustave Caillebotte.

PicsArt_1410238403100I kissed a girl and I liked it while we scared the pants off the boys.

2014-09-09-10-02-37_deco2014-09-09-10-06-06_decoWhat happens after the Queen orders, “Off with his head”? Its serve for dinner on a silver platter.

IMG_20140910_135502“Honey I shrunk… myself…”

PicsArt_1410238500674Hangin with pandas. Hangin from a mammoth.

2014-09-09-12-37-30_deco“Arrrggghhh, my sunglasses!”, re-enacting my expression when I dropped my Dior Sunglasses into the MRT gap.

IMG_20140910_132138We were swimming with killer whales when a big fish found me delicious.

2014-09-09-12-42-28_decoUnder the sea, under the sea…

2014-09-09-12-47-48_deco*Sings down here all the fish is happy as off through the waves they roll. The fish on the land ain’t happy, they’re sad cuz they’re in their bowl. Ok, enough with the Little Mermaid songs…

2014-09-09-12-40-03_decoHolding on to each other even if the world tries to tear us apart.

2014-09-09-12-38-51_decoLook Ma, I’m floating!

2014-09-09-12-35-37_decoPlease don’t cut me in half…

2014-09-09-12-39-36_decoHow far can I go? Up to the sky maybe?

2014-09-09-12-42-08_decoI’m obviously dreaming because I have big angel wings and I’m riding on a bicycle…

2014-09-09-12-46-31_deco2014-09-09-12-46-55_deco2014-09-09-12-47-20_deco…while Shine was trying to ride on a horse…


2014-09-09-12-41-43_decoLighting another candle with the Little Match Girl (one of my favourite Christmas stories).

PicsArt_1410238583774Trapped in a snowglobe, I broke free on a sleigh.

2014-09-09-12-45-07_decoIt turned into a magical broom that flew across fairytale land.

PicsArt_1410238680833Hanging around Greek Gods, “Dude, have you seen my girlfriend?”.

2014-09-09-12-48-11_decoApparently, she was busy having tea…

2014-09-09-12-43-12_decoPicsArt_1410238980479And taking ballet lessons to dance in Swan Lake.

2014-09-09-12-41-18_decoRemember kids, its never too late to reach for the stars. Good night.

IMG_20140911_221810Before I left, a soldier grabbed me by the foot, “Don’t leave us!”. Noooo…!

I hope you had fun reading the little skit I had put up for you, I certainly did. We visited the museum during the school holidays so it was jam packed in there and we gave some of the exhibits a miss. Recommended for families and couples for great photo keepsake and lots of fun.

Resorts World Sentosa, 26 Sentosa Gateway #01-43/44, Singapore (098138)

Prices: SGD $25 (Adults), SGD $20 (Child 4-12yrs, Senior 60yrs above)

Open Daily 10:00 – 21:00

trick eye map

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