Santorini 2015: Our First Couplemoon (Part III)

IMG_3310My reaction upon stepping on the black sand of Perissa Beach. This episode would be a short one because, I fell ridiculously sick! Nevertheless, it was still part of the experience we faced on our first travel adventure together so I’m gonna tell it to you #noshame.
borderI woke up in the middle of the night feeling queasy. My stomach felt bloated and I felt like throwing up but couldn’t. I turned around to see Shine sleeping soundly and didn’t wanna wake him thinking that I was probably just really exhausted from all that walking the day before. I tried going back to sleep but couldn’t. When it was time to get up, I realized the queasiness got worse and finally managed to puke! That was when I started to feel even worse! And we had to get going to catch our flight to Santorini! I was really scared because I had never fallen sick in foreign country before and at the same time, I didn’t wanna miss our flight to Santorini. So, while Shine helped me to pack all of my stuff into our luggage (thank God we shared!), I forced myself to get back up, get myself ready and dragged myself out of the door all while leaning on every possible wall and sitting on any seat I could find to breakfast. I had packed some medications for this trip in case of times like this (thank God again) so as much as I felt I couldn’t stomach anything, I knew I needed to so that I could take the medicine. We ditched our initial plan to take the metro to the airport instead, Shine got the hotel to call a cab. We were going to Santorini, I didn’t care if I puked all the way there, we were going.

I felt bad for Shine because he had to queue for our baggage and our tickets while I laid on the seats at the airport. Drank a bottle of water to wash out whatever crap that was inside. I suspected I couldn’t take the cold weather and the strong mineral content of their pipe water even though we boiled them till it was piping hot. So from then on, I didn’t dare drink anything that didn’t come in a bottle. After Shine had bought our tickets and checked-in our luggage, we proceeded to our gate to wait for our flight while I caught up on the sleep I lost. Felt a lot better when I got up to board the plane. The medicine must’ve kicked in.

We got the next hotel from Groupon which made us come for this Couplemoon. Prior to this, I use to tell him about all the places in the world I’d like to visit someday and one of those places was Santorini. I was surprised when he told me that he had booked a place in Santorini at a good deal and that we can finally have our time together. It was the sweetest thing that anyone has ever done. I love you darling. Check out Groupon for great travel deals! However, for the price, do take note that often, part of the term is that you’ll be visiting during their low or mid season so do your homework. I’ll probably write a post exclusively for those of you who’ll like to know how we travelled to Athens and Santorini on a budget.

IMG_3315IMG_3316I am aware I look like shit here but I wanted a pic of us in Aegean Airline. Upon my arrival at the airport, whatever that made me sick just went away! I was so excited, we survived and are in Santorini!
Address: Beach Road, Perissa Beach, Perivolos 84703, Thira.

Blue Diamond Bay is a sweet little hotel located on Perissa Beach. It was quiet there during our stay as it was low season in Santorini as winter was almost ending. Upon our arrival, the manager (whom we affectionately called Mama) treated us as part of the family. I learned that in Santorini, most of the hotels, bars, restaurants and shops were family owned businesses. Most of the staff and managers were somewhat related to one another (family, friends or neighbors) and the people of this island were very closely connected.

We were given the VIP treatment from the beginning and offered us such impeccable service by making sure we were comfortable each day, cooking us home-cooked dinner, providing us with a driver when we were concerned about the public bus schedule that never seem to come by and even informed us that we could visit the volcano! We didn’t add it to our itinerary as most of such services were not available during January to March but surprise, there was one company that was operating in March during good weather. We were so excited as Mama said she can help us call to book and got us a discount of 18 Euros instead of the usual 20. Shout out from Singapore, thank you Mama! More about our volcano visit on the next episode, for now, let me present to you our little abode in the heart of Perissa Beach.
Perissa is a little fishing village located 13 km to the southeast of Fira, near the Messa Vouno rock and is famously known for it’s black sand as Santorini is located near a volcano hence the sand consists of tiny fragments of lava which gives them it’s colour.

Standing on the black sand with Shine made me think of everything that I had overcome and how blessed I am to be here in Santorini, a place I’ve never imagined I could see with my own eyes and what more, with the man I love. Reminded me of my favourite poem by Maya Angelou – Still I Rise.IMG_3295IMG_3296stillirise1IMG_3300IMG_3297IMG_3298stillirise2IMG_3301IMG_3302IMG_3304stillirise3IMG_3311IMG_3312stillirise5IMG_3303borderThe wind got really cold by 5pm and it was beginning to get dark so we headed inside for a warm shower and an early night.

The next episode, we’ll take you down 600 steps to Fira’s Old Port, ride on a Pirate Ship to a volcano, visit a unique little bookshop and watch the sunset on top of a castle ruins at Oia. Thank you for all for your kind support and readership, I hope you’ve enjoyed this short entry cuz the next two are gonna be jam packed so stay tune.

PS: Thank you Shine baby for the beautiful pictures you capture. You are amazing. Love you lots.

Poem by Maya Angelou

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4 responses to “Santorini 2015: Our First Couplemoon (Part III)”

    • Yes, lol! Everyone in Santorini turned out to be very very nice and hospitable everywhere.

      They were doing some works to prepare for summer so the beach and hotel was very quiet, almost empty but very nice and peaceful if you prefer the cold weather and no crowd, go to Santorini in March 😄

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  1. Happy couplemoon! What a beautiful destination I’m so sorry you were ill but it looks like you got to do some fun stuff while you were there. Loving that black sand I can feel it between my toes when I look at it. xx


    • Thank you! We still had 2 more days on Santorini and it was fun! Got to touch the black sand everyday while we were there 😊

      Hope you’ll enjoy the next 2 parts of our Couplemoon adventure and thank you so much for reading 😊


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