A Guide to the Beaches of Sentosa Island

A Guide to the Beaches of Sentosa Island

Sentosa, meaning peace and tranquillity in Malay, is a little island off shore from Singapore that consists of a host of attractions, mega hotels, bars, Universal Studios Singapore, a casino and 3 beaches located at the southwestern coast of the island, each one catering to different crowds. I’ve spent a great deal of my youth on the this island mainly for these beaches so I decided to compile it into a guide for you complete with dining, attractions and resorts available in Siloso, Palawan and Tanjong.

Getting Around

Getting to any of the three beaches are pretty straightforward as they are along the same coast. Walking and cycling from one end of Siloso Beach to Tanjong Beach will not take you very long either but if that’s not what you’re up for, there are Beach Trams available. Alight at Beach Station whether you are taking the Sentosa Express or any one of the Sentosa Buses. From there, you may choose to walk, go on a Segway Tour, cycle or take the Beach Tram.

Operating Hours:
0900 – 2200 (Sun – Fri)
0900 – 2330 (Sat)
Last Beach Tram from Beach Station leaves at 10pm (Sun – Fri) and 1130pm (Sat)

Every 10 minutes

Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach got it’s name from Selusuh – a medicinal plant used traditionally by Malay women in postnatal care – and is believed that they could be found and used by the old villagers here. However, when the British soldiers arrived on the island, the word was mispronounced into becoming Siloso which actually means “a jealous person” in the Philippines!

Today, Siloso Beach is best known for it’s hip bars, parties and sports activities like surfing on man-made waves, kayaking, bungy jumping or playing volleyball. If you’re looking to have an adrenaline rush and have a cocktail within reach, Siloso Beach will be the best choice for you.

Things to do in Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach
Siloso Beach
Siloso Beach

Palawan Beach

Palawan Beach

Pulau Palawan is short walk from the left of Beach Station. Pulau is the Malay word for Island and Palawan means leader, warrior or hero that relates back to the island’s history of piracy. Now, Palawan Beach infuses that bit of it’s history into it’s ambience and turned it into a fun-packed haven for kids specially catered for family friendly activities.

One of the highlights of Palawan Beach is The Southernmost Point of Continental Asia that is accessible via a suspension bridge. The viewing towers offers the view of the South China Sea and a host of Insta-worthy shots.

Things to do in Palawan Beach

Palawan Beach
Palawan Beach
Palawan Beach

Tanjong Beach

Tanjong Beach

Tanjong Beach is the furthest (which is how it got it’s name meaning “the furthest” in Malay) to get to and the smallest of the three beaches. The only attraction besides the beach that you will find here is Tanjong Beach Club which closes by 8pm. Occasionally, it hosts open-air cinema events and team building activities which also has a cut-off time due to the Sentosa Cove residence nearby so don’t expect to party till late here.

Tanjong Beach is ideal for lounging with a book and if you want peace and quiet away from too much activities. It’s a great place for couples and for playing frisbee with your dog too.

Things to do in Tanjong Beach

Tanjong Beach

Disclaimer: Do take note that the island is a constant work in progress hence there are a number of shops and restaurants that have been replaced over the years so as to give the guests the best experience possible. It changes so often that I gave up trying to update it manually so I figured its much simpler for both of us if I link them directly however, maps are updated at the best of my abilities.


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