Eastlink Building Progress (Part V)

It’s been a while since I’ve written any updates on our BTO and I figured this would be the right time because… EVERYONE IS ASKING.

Dear Neighbours, if any of these questions are familiar to you…

When you getting keys?“, “When your house ready?“, “Why so long?“, “Why Ahmad / Raju / Ah Tan get keys already you haven’t get?!“, this post is for you to shove it to their faces.

The neighbouring blocks around the Eastlink project have mostly gotten their keys and some of the shops around the area are already open for business. Shine and myself go for night runs around Sembawang sometimes just to see the progress since we can’t see much of it from the MRT now. The view is blocked because Canberra MRT Station is being built. So I decided to make plans for a run around our neighbourhood one very hot afternoon to check the progress during the day and, wow, do I have lots to update. These were all taken on 13 August.

Canberra MRT Staion and you can even see the link way to Eastlink 1 being constructed. The pathway was closed due to the works so have to walk towards the back of Eastlink 1 to get to Eastlink 2 for now.

Eastlink 1

Some Eastlink 1 blocks are at the painting stage now. These blocks are the ones facing the Holy Tree Temple. The ones at the back (right) already has the white base painted and the ones at the front towards the MRT Station (left) are still in the building process.These Eastlink 1 blocks facing the road to Eastlink 2 looks like they’re already completed.

Eastlink 2

These Eastlink 2 blocks facing the road to Eastlink 1 looks completed too however, the multistory carpark is still undergoing works.These blocks should be getting their keys first according to the expected completion date Q1 2019 (JAN-JUN 2019) and I think they’ve been completed as early as December last year. On several evening runs, Shine and myself have seen some of the lights switched on in some units and on 2 occasions this year, we saw them washing the blocks.Sprucing up the longkang to add pathway and greenery. Since the blocks at Eastlace are already accessible, I decided to make my way up to see the progress of the multistory carpark of Eastlink 2 and here are my observations.

  • This column of Block 116A starts from the 4th floor, below it is a void deck with high ceiling probably because of this linkway.
  • This linkway connects from Canberra MRT to every block around Eastlink! You can see the map here.
  • You can see the playground on the Roof Garden of our multistory carpark. So cute!

Shops & Food Centres

I’m quite excited about the shops and food centres available here, some of which are already open for business!Here’s one that’s very convenient for most of the residents around the Canberra BTO projects located at Eastwave! Literally across the road from Eastlink 2. Businesses in this complex include a hawker center, clinic, dentist, bakery, hardware shop and the much antisipated Ang Mo Supermarket! I’m probably gonna sound like a frog living in a well but omg, the products are DAMN CHEAP! I got so excited, I bought some groceries! May be a more detailed review of the shops when we move in.Another business in the area that I’m excited about is this hawker centre at Block 115 because it opens 24hours! Its small consisting of only 6 stalls (the last I counted) with 1 halal stall (Indian Muslim cuisine). I also like that they had a open area to dine in, saw quite a few families having Ma la Steamboat outside but as you can see in the picture, the awning will be extended when it gets cloudy. I really like the alfresco concept and I really hope they keep it that way.This is a little further in at Eastbrooke. You’ll have to walk straight down from the hawker center at Block 115 to get here. It’s another shopping complex nearest to the residents staying at Eastbrooke and Eastlawn that will consist of another hawker centre (looking for tenants at the moment), salons, hardware shop, ATM Machine and Sheng Siong! All our grocery and household needs will be met with our favourite (and affordable!) supermarkets.

Neighbouring Projects

Eastlace, Eastcrown, Eastwave, Eastlawn and Eastbrooke have already gotten their keys. Not many have moved in so the area is still pretty quiet in the evenings and in the day, there are lots of construction and renovations going on.

I’m excited because the neighbourhood already looks like it’s pretty self-sustaining and I can forsee it being quite busy once Eastlink and the MRT is completed. Another thing I’m really happy about is the path connection from Eastlink 1 all the way down to Sembawang Park! I tried running guys but I made a detour when I reached the mosque at the end of Simpang Kiri (Masjid Petempatan Melayu Sembawang) because the roads after that still quite ulu.
Here’s a map for reference to orientate the surrounding projects.So this is probably the biggest progress so far since the last I updated and hopefully the last because I’m anticapating getting our keys soon! One more quarter to go and we’ll get to step into our home and meet our neighbours!

Building Progress:
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