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We are really blessed and for once in my life, I feel extremely lucky, like I’ve strike the lottery. We have successfully ballot for a Build-to-Order (BTO) project on our first try and will be selecting our unit. Obviously, I hid the numbers so as not to jinx it.

So upon receiving our ballot number, we got the soft copy of the sales brochure which we opted for. Save the trees y’all, what will you do with a hard copy of the brochure anyways – put under your coffee table? The soft copy is much more environmentally friendly besides, figured it’ll be more useful so I can upload it onto my tab and of course, share the details here.

Shine and I are really excited, relieved and happy that we can start building our future together. So I made a page on the blog exclusively for updates regarding our home, neighbourhood, renovation, décor and such. Now, we’ll patiently wait for 3rd August, wish us all the best, *kisses.

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