A Singaporean Couple’s Housing Tales (Part II)

If you were wondering why I haven’t been updating much recently, its mostly because I’ve been spending much of the last two weeks researching on housing. If you’ve been reading my blog or if you’ve known me for a long time, you’d know how important this it to me.may bto applicationAs you know from Part I of this series, we have decided to apply for the project in Sembawang.

Applications were opened for balloting on 27 May and closed on 2 June. Here are the overall number of applicants for the whole BTO exercise.may bto overallAs you can see, application for almost every project is oversubscribed. I honestly did not imagine that application for Sembawang’s Eastlink I and II would be that oversubscribed! As I have predicted, it may be due to the future Canberra MRT that will be directly across the road from this project and will be completed at the same time as the Eastlink making it not as ulu as most people not staying in the north side think. To add to that, there will be a neighbourhood commercial centre being built in this vicinity which is very attractive for the affordable price range ($238,000-$302,000) which means we won’t have to pay through our asses to live here. But that is if we get to select a unit.

Shine and myself qualified to apply under the Married Child Priority Scheme as his parents live within 2km of Canberra Eastlink and fall under first-timers so it gives us an advantage. But as I predict, there could be many others with this scheme so we are really keeping our fingers crossed. We do have a few units that we have in mind, however, we did discuss that if we are given a big queue but are still able to select, we will pick any units left, even if they are low floors, facing the MRT or the longkang, we will take it. After all, it will be our home and its so hard to get a house in Singapore especially an affordable one due to our country’s limited space.

I’m quite nervous for our chances to select due to the oversubscription and have thought of a Plan B and C if this doesn’t turn out as planned. But if it does, Shine and I can go on to further build our future together so I’m really hoping this will work out. Now, all that’s left is to pray and wait for Mid July.

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A Singaporean Couple’s Housing Tales:
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