A Guide to Louis Vuitton Date Codes

Some of you may have already learned about this but for the benefit of the other Louis Vuitton bag owners (and future owners) who haven’t, here is a guide to deciphering the codes printed on your beloved bags/wallets.

But first, let me warn you that a date code alone does not authenticate the product. There are many ways to tell if a Louis Vuitton bag is the real deal or a fake, however, take note that a good fake can also go to the extent of embossing a date code! Buying a high-end merchandise online is very risky and I would suggest against it unless you are an expert at eBay or on Louis Vuitton. For first time buyers, I would suggest you get your first bag from your nearest LV boutique like I did. Gradually, after owning a few pieces, you’ll develop that special super power of telling an authentic from a fake one like most LV owners *wink.

Then, what’s the point of this? Well, the point is to have fun and learn something about the piece of valuable item that you have in your possession. I think it’s precious to find out where and when my LV babies were made, it’s like they have birthdays.

Here is a table I made for your reference so feel free to bookmark this page or come back to this whenever you like.


But where exactly are these date codes printed you ask? Mostly, it will require you to empty your bags, turn it around and flip open every nook and cranny. Some may be easier to find than others like my Pochette for example; zip it open, empty it and it’s right there on a little leather tab. My Petite Noe took me awhile to find while my Alexandra took me longer! If you’re having a hard time looking for yours, here are some tips.

  • Pull the leather tab attached on the interior lining of the bag.
  • Inside the pocket, on the part of the pocket that faces outwards along the seam.
  • Pull leather tab that appears underneath a pocket that is not attached on the interior.
  • On exterior leather strap close to the strap brass hinge.

Let me use my babies as an example of where to find their date codes and how to decipher them.


Unfortunately, I cannot tell you much about the other bag models as I only own these three. With that being said, not every bag will have a different date code. You may find another bag with the same date code which only means that they were made at the same place on the same date.

Also, do not confuse a date code with a model code. A model code is the code of your bag model. For example, the model code for all Alexandras are M60047 which is stated on your receipt, whereas a date code is printed on the bag itself.

That’s the end of today’s lesson, hope you had fun deciphering your bag’s date codes and don’t forget to subscribe, share, like or comment of this post to show your support. Lots of love and LV kisses to you.

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