The Names Behind Louis Vuitton Handbags & Purses

The Names Behind Louis Vuitton Handbags & Purses

Did you know that some Louis Vuitton bags were named after cities, characters in movies and famous people? I compiled a list of Louis Vuitton bags and  purses and the places and people they were inspired by.


The Names Behind Louis Vuitton Handbags & Purses

1. Abbesses: A station of the Paris Metro system.
2. Alma: Named for the Alma Bridge, a span that connects two Parisian neighbourhoods.
3. Amazone: Named after the Amazonian rain forest.
4. Amelia: Named after Amelia Earhart.
5. Batignolles: Named after the town in France.
6. Beverly: After Beverly Hills, California.
7. Bosphore: Named after a body of water near Turkey.
8. Chelsea: Named after a London suburb.
9. Courtney: Named after singer Courtney Love.

The Names Behind Louis Vuitton Handbags & Purses

10. Danube: Named after the Danube river, the second longest in all of Europe.
11. Deauville: A luxurious city in France located near Normandy.
12. Eliza: Eliza Doolittle a character in “My Fair Lady” played by Audrey Hepburn.
13. Eva: Named after model Eva Herzigovia.
14. Galliera: Fashion museum in Paris.
15. Griet: The subject of a painting of the artist Vermeer.
16. Hampstead: Named after a London suburb.
17. Highbury: Named after a London suburb.
18. Hudson: A river that runs through New York State.

The Names Behind Louis Vuitton Handbags & Purses

19. Knightsbridge: Named after a London suburb.
20. Laguito: Named after a cigar.
21. Manhattan: Manhattan, New York City.
22. Marilyn: A tribute to Marilyn Monroe.
23. Mary Kate: Named after actress Mary Kate Olsen.
24. Montsouris: Named after a famous park in France.
25. Nice: Named after the City of Nice, France.
26. Palermo: Named after city in Italy called Palermo.
27. Pont Neuf: Named for a bridge in Paris.

The Names Behind Louis Vuitton Handbags & Purses

28. Popincourt: A road in London made famous by the movie “My Fair Lady”.
29. Priscilla: Named after Joan Crawford’s character in “Across to Singapore”.
30. Rita: Named after actress Rita Hayworth.
31. Saleya: Is named after flower/produce market in Nice, France.
32. Saumur: Is a city in Loire Valley of France.
33. Sofia Coppola: Created by and named after Academy Award-winning screenwriter Sofia Coppola.
34. Theda: Named after silent film actress Theda Bara.
35. Tivoli: An Ancient town near Rome, Italy.
36. Trevi: Named after Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy.
37. Tulum: Named after the Mayan City in Mexico.
38. Ursula: Named after Ursula Anders.

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