10 Makeup Too Pretty to Use

Have you bought makeup that you end up just staring at because they are just too pretty to touch? These are 10 insanely beautiful products that you will put on display behind glass and never have the heart to use.1. NARS Yachiyo Brush
This reminds me of something mystical, like a brush spun by Gods.2. Chanel Illuminating Powder
The details on these powders are so intricate, how do you bring yourself to use them?!3. Salvador Dali Perfume Collection
Did you know that Salvador Dali dabbled with perfume too? Some of his collections are actually displayed in a museum.4. PUPA Milano Makeup Kit
These PUPA Milano Haute Couture Dolls are too cute to resist and come in a form of Russian Dolls! Every girl’s dream!5. PUPA Milano Limited Edition Palette
This is an old Limited Edition PUPA palette. It originally came out in 1983 but was re-released in 2009. Its like having a piece of a funfair on your dresser.6. May Sum Sculpted Makeup
Now you can have your favourite celebrities on your lipstick! A makeup artist, May Sum sculpts on makeup products from lipsticks to palettes to foundation sticks. You can even buy her makeup from her Etsy Shop.7. May Sum for Makeup Forever
May Sum even collaborated with Make Up Forever to sculpt eyeshadow palettes into miniature gardens!8. Les Merveilleuses De Laduree Face Color Rose
This is literally dusting rose petals on your face! Talk about having rosy cheeks.9. Kailijumei Lipstick
The latest sensation from China is making waves around the world with this obscenely beautiful flower lipsticks that tint your lips according to your body temperature.10. Diorific Nail Polish
These little bottles look like it should be hung on Christmas Trees like treasured pieces of ornaments.

Can you think of any more makeup products that should be placed in a museum?

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