Media Kit

On July 2014, Love Bella Vida was opened to the public to share my experiences and life events and has since gained a humble amount of readers mainly from Singapore, United States of America and United Kingdom.

Love Bella Vida is updated regularly with at least 1 post per week. Photography, graphics and blog design featured on Love Bella Vida created/edited and owned by me, Isabelle Rosta, unless otherwise stated. My readers are mainly women from the age of 21 – 45. I write about Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Wedding, Home, Build-to-Order (BTO), Endometriosis, Travel, Reviews and my personal stories to reach out to women in need. Love Bella Vida is my personal diary and gives an intimate insight into my life.

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Why Should You Work with Love Bella Vida?

  • Welcome PR Agencies, Affiliates, Brands/Companies and Guest Posting.
  • The opportunity to reach 1800+ followers and likes on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Writes blog posts and share them frequently on all social media outlets to ensure maximum coverage for your brand.
  • Detailed reviews for Events, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle related.
  • Prompt delivery of review/work.

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Monthly Views: 2000 – 3000 Views
Facebook: 600+ Followers
Instagram: 1800+ Followers

Currently affiliated with the following brands:

Clozette, KKday, Amazon

2016 – Independent Fashion Bloggers Links à la Mode (27 October 2016)
2016 – Independent Fashion Bloggers Links à la Mode (22 September 2016)

2017 – @biconi (2272 Followers)
2017 – @biconi (2272 Followers)
2017 – @twcweddings (2973 Followers)

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Love Bella Vida provides the following services:

1) Advertorial/Sponsored Posts

  • At least 500 word post including minimum 1 picture dedicated to your product/company.
  • Edited photos send to you via email.
  • A featured video on YouTube (upon request only, charges may apply).
  • Hyperlink your company’s website, Facebook or any other links you provide.
  • Social Media shares on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

2) Giveaways

  • Giveaways must be relevant to my readers.
  • Postage to the giveaway winners will be borne by your company.

3) Other Collaborations

  • Sidebar Advertorial.
  • Guest Posting on your company’s website.
  • Company/Brand shout out on Social Media.

Note: Love Bella Vida will strictly mention all collaboration and sponsorship and will be very selective.

Love Bella Vida is seeking to work for the following:

  • Home – Renovation, Furniture, Appliance, Décor.
  • Lifestyle – Destination, Hotel, Airline, Cruise, Dining, Travel Gear, Workshops.
  • Beauty – Spa, Salon, Facial, Manicure/Pedicure, Supplements.
  • Electronics – Cameras, related Gears and Photo/Video Editing Apps.

Do pitch your ideas for collaborations/projects associated with your project.

Please know that it does not matter if you are well-known or new individual, big or small company, I am honoured and look forward to working with you and to grow our brands together.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this media kit and I look forward to hearing from you soon.