BTO Unit Selection

We’ve chosen our unit and we’re really excited to share this big news with all our readers!

This Post Will Cover:

  • Our Experience
  • Our Unit
  • Reasons for Selection

Upon reaching the Toa Payoh HDB Hub, we noticed that level one was closed due to upgrading works. There was a very clear signage to proceed to level 8 for enquiries and sales but some people are just oblivious or are too lazy to read then still can make commotion over it.

By some chance, the queuing machine was down yesterday so we didn’t get to take the mandatory ‘Hold your Queue Number’ couple shot but we had the privilege of being called when it was our turn to select. The Officer that attended to us, Nor, was very understanding and did not rush us through the process whatsoever. I’ve heard quite a handful of horror stories where the HDB Officer would rush couples to pick their unit, make them sign here, here, here then just call for the next applicant (wtf). I kinda psyched myself up for that and picked about twelve favourable units before our appointment date so we didn’t have to feel pressured into making a decision on the spot. But I was pleasantly surprised by Nor’s patience and explanations.

After our selection, I went to take another look at the 3D Model and of our unit. There were quite a number of people crowding around this project this time as compared to the other times we came down to study the model. Suspect that there were a lot of people selecting their units on the same day as us but we’ve picked our unit!
Canberra Crescent @ Eastlink II

We’re overjoyed and over the moon! Finally, our own little 93sqm love nest on the North side of Singapore with an upcoming MRT and amenities within reach, who would’ve thought? We can now plan our future together. And yes, I’ve created a hashtag, its what every 21st century Instagraming couples do when they wanna see all their photos archived together by themselves, friends and family. Cliché, I know but I’m happy to jump on that bandwagon.

Anyways, Shine and myself have agreed to choose a unit at Eastlink II since we received our brochure for the following reasons.

  1. We wanted to avoid the Industrial Park. If you’ve been diligently following our housing progress, you would’ve known that we turned down applying for Punggol Northshore because of the massive industrial park they were building across the project. Yes, industrial parks are a big no-no for me. My family use to live across the road from an industrial park and one bus-stop away from a Foreign Worker dormitory and we didn’t really enjoy the experience. Although this one in Sembawang is relatively small, modern and not as intimidating as the one in Timor, I would rather avoid it.
  2. We wanted some distance away from the Hustle & Bustle. As much as the commotion in this neighbourhood might be unavoidable with the MRT nearby and the amenities provided and linked to all the other nearby neighbourhood towns (Eastlace, Eastbrooke, Eastwave, Eastbank), we decided that Eastlink II will be the more peaceful one out of the two sides. Although we’d have to take a short walk, there are sheltered walk ways provided and we’d rather do a little walking than being in the centre of the noise and traffic. But of course, there are people who hate walking, we’re not one of them.
  3. We wanted to be near a Multi-Storey Car Park. If all goes well in our future, we plan to get a little family car. Eastlink I has a MSCP too however with it being the centre of the neighbourhood, we’ll be expecting parking there to be full and a problem. So Eastlink II’s MSCP looks like the better option. And since there will be a roof top garden on its 4th floor (the lowest floor on this particular block), we’d be taking a scenic route to our car.
  4. We wanted a Balcony unit on a Middle Floor. Decided against taking the higher floors in case the impact of heavy rain might affect water getting into the balcony. Yes, we could’ve gone for a regular unit on a higher floor but I really liked the idea of having a balcony even though its tiny. Would be nice to have a mini little fairy garden where Shine and I can have breakfast in and maybe I can even get a tan, haha. Shine’s favourite number is 7 and 7 means ‘Lucky in Love’. How fitting.
  5. We love the Sun. We are aware that our unit faces the afternoon sun which some people are so pantang and against due to the heat. But really, that is probably our only con. However, there are things called curtains to block away the sun (why would you?), we will be installing a ceiling fan and air-con for when the season is hot, I can dry my bed sheets at my balcony within an hour or two, its great for my little flower garden, sun brings in light and heat is good so your house won’t be musky and moist and if I need a tan, just wear bikini and sit on my balcony. Truly a summer home.
  6. We did not want a unit near the Lift and Rubbish Chute. And this was the only balcony unit that was away from them. Again, we’d have to walk a little to the lift but we’d much rather do that than have the whole floor have a look at your door and what slippers you wear to the market. Besides, did you see the space in front of our unit? A nice private little abode, just what we’ve wanted.

Overall, no matter where you have chosen to live, what matters is that you are comfortable living in it. Don’t let people and their opinions sway you because whatever priorities they have may vary from yours, this may be one of the biggest decision and investment you’ll ever make in your lifetime so make it your decision and not anyone else’s.

We are both very happy with our unit and feel really blessed. I feel like a nomad having to shift so many times through and from so many places and homes, I dreamed of the day I’ll never have to move again. I’ve always wondered where in the world my home will be; now I know its a 4 Room unit with a little balcony at another corner in Singapore at an affordable price with this wonderful man. It’ll probably take a very long time till we move or if we’ll ever move at all.

I hope this has been helpful to those of you choosing your units as well and thank you to all who have been very supportive of our selection process. Stay tuned for more progress updates on our home and renovation ideas.

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