Travel with Gaston Luga Classic Black

Gaston Luga Classic Black Travel Backpack

I have a confession to make – I wasn’t always into backpacks. Backpacks remind me of my primary school days, makes me look childish and as a result, takes away the chic factor. I love my tote bags because I can throw anything and everything, bring them everywhere and they match well with my outfits. I even carry them for work and travel. But there is one major con with tote bags – carrying everything on just one side of my body for long hours and distances causes strain to my back. Style factor aside, I do not want to risk my health! But isn’t there a backpack that I can travel with, carry all my necessities and still look chic at the same time? Meet my new favourite backpack and travel companion – Gaston Luga Classic Black.

Gaston Luga is designed in Sweden and is best known for their minimalistic backpacks different from the broad puffy shoulder pads of school style bags. The vision was to make a line with Scandinavian minimalism, luxe and functionality to suit any occasion. Since my work requires me to be outdoors and I’ll be going on a couple of long trips, I decided to go with the Classic Black & Black because it will match with anything, doesn’t make dirt stand out or leave water stains and the red interior of this model just screams luxe.

What’s in the Backpack?

Gaston Luga Classic Black Travel Backpack
  • Hat
  • Passport
  • GoPro Hero 5
  • Wallet
  • Sunglass
  • Makeup
  • Face Mist
  • Shawl

Of course you can fit much more into the bag, these only occupied half of it! I would add in a jacket, Vaseline, hand sanitizer and wet wipes during long haul flights and add on a big bottle of water when you arrive at your next destination.

Compartments & Functions

Gaston Luga Classic Black Travel Backpack
Gaston Luga Classic Black Travel Backpack
  • Strong durable canvas.
  • Straps are not padded and puffy but width is durable and comfortable even when it’s heavy.
  • Drawstring closure inside to fit your items to the brim.
  • Magnetic closure outside on vegan leather straps to secure your your items.
  • Front pocket with zipper to keep other small belongings.
  • Signature passport pocket at the back to safely store documents, passport, cards and cash.
  • Four metallic feet under bag for extra protection for the base.

One of my biggest concerns about carrying backpacks while travelling is safety. Hence, I understand why some of you may be concerned about this one not having a zip closure and if the magnets are secure. I’m not one to zip my bags so I tend to be drawn to drawstring bags (pun wasn’t intended). Zips are such a hassle and it’s more prone to get pick-pocketed then drawstring which is usually more closely sealed. The magnetic closures of this bag are very tight and secure so much that it took me a few tugs to release it.

Speaking about security, the passport pockets placed at the back of the bag is a feature found in every design of Gaston Luga bags! Nearly impossible to snatch anything when your back is in constant contact with it so you can place your valuables and important documents here too. The front pocket of the bag is where I put lose change, my lipstick and some of my smaller items.

What really sold me to the Classic Black & Black design was the 100% cotton fabric red lining inside – reminds me of Louboutins. Besides that, your things tend to get lost within big bags especially when it’s all black and dark inside; you’ll spend the next 5 minutes of your precious travel time digging through your stuff! The red lining makes your stuff pop-up when you open your bag and saves me so much time, omg, you have no idea what a life-saver this is for me!

This is by far one of the most functional backpacks I’ve come across and with so many thoughtful features, I’m beyond impressed with it!

Design & Style

Gaston Luga Classic Black Travel Backpack
Gaston Luga Classic Black Travel Backpack

I made the right choice with the Classic Black & Black because it really goes well with all my outfits and doesn’t make me look like a hitch-hiking runaway or a 7-year-old school girl. I can actually bring anything under the sun for a day trip, on-board a long flight and for my tours safely and securely without having to compromise my style. You’ll be seeing my Gaston Luga Classic for my upcoming travel to Spain where I’ll be wearing lots of dresses and my sun hats of course! Beyond travelling, this bag works great as a diaper bag for both Mums and Dads, a solid gym bag and great for school (without looking like a girl-girl/boy-boy, lol). I never thought I’ll say this but I’m a proud owner of a backpack now! In fact, I love it so much that I’m already deciding on my next one!

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