Anywhere with Gaston Luga Parlan

Gaston Luga Parlan Backpack

My first Gaston Luga bag was the Classic Black Backpack and since then, I live in backpacks. I carried my Classic Black to any travel destination since and for jobs onsite because it’s so convenient and roomy, I could just throw in anything and go. The world has changed since 2018. Travel plans have been on hold and so have freelance job opportunities. My taste and lifestyle has changed too and so I figured I can use a new Gaston Luga Backpack to fit my current needs.

Gaston Luga Parlan Backpack

Why Gaston Luga Parlan Backpack?

I chose Gaston Luga Parlan Backpack in Sand/Brown as I have been really into nude tones lately and figured it will fit majority of my outfits in my current wardrobe. I really like the compact size, it looks cute snug against the body. This design reminds me of a trendy backpack I couldn’t afford back when I was in secondary school and since the 2000s are back, I’m jumping on the bandwagon with this one.

Backpack Functions

Gaston Luga Parlan Backpack
Gaston Luga Parlan Backpack

I’ve always loved bags with drawstrings and gold buckles because other than it looking chic, it secures the bag from opening. The inside of the Gaston Luga Parlan is red (which adds to the chic factor), hold A5 size documents and has 2 separate compartments making it easier to find your things especially in a hurry. There’s also 2 front pockets where I place easier-to-reach items such as my earpiece and hair-ties and there is a hidden back pocket to keep my valuables safe.

What’s in My Backpack

Gaston Luga Parlan Backpack

For a casual day out, these are some of the stuff I need in my backpack.

Not seen are my handphone, tissue packets, sanitizers, a spare disposable mask, ointments, water bottle, hair ties, random scrunched up receipts, you get the drift. If you want to see my junk, let me know, lol. And yes, my ass is older now, I need ointments in case I get a headache while riding the grab with a mask on and the sun is merciless so I’m not leaving home without sunscreen and umbrella!

Design & Style

Gaston Luga Parlan Backpack
Gaston Luga Parlan Backpack

In case you’re wondering if I really go to fields and gardens, you have no idea what your girl has been up to these past few years. I visit nurseries almost every other week and I take every opportunity to walk around lakes, parks, gardens, anywhere to be in one with nature right here in Singapore, just to take a breather away from crowds while we wait for travel to resume again. I enjoy some outdoor time and that is why I require a bag that is lightweight, water-resistant, compact, goes well with my dresses and able to carry all of my necessities. My Gaston Luga Parlan Backpack checks every box.

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