Bober Tea: Artisan Bubble Tea in Bishan

Bober Tea: Artisan Bubble Tea in Bishan

Great news for North-side residents, shoppers and diners – do you know that there is a new artisan Bubble Tea in town? Bober Tea is an artisan tea focused on providing affordable, high-quality and tasty blends of tea with various flavours inspired from Taiwan, Japan and Chinese Bubble Teas with a gist of the local Singaporean taste! Bober Tea is located just behind the entrance/exit of Bishan MRT Station, just before you enter Junction 8 so you can stroll around the mall with a nice cuppa while shopping.

Bober Tea, 200 Bishan Road, #01-01, Singapore 579827

Opening Hours:
1000 – 2200

Bubble Teas

Bober Tea: Artisan Bubble Tea in Bishan

Bober Tea uses premium ingredients and has a wide selection of unique flavours from 7 categories/series to choose from. They even have unique toppings and high grade bobas that are homemade, not artificial or processed, to go along with the drinks!

Macha Strawberry Latte $4.90 (500ml)
Hokkaido Milk Cap Green Tea $4.10 (500ml), $5.50 (700ml)
Black Sugar Konjac Jelly Milk Tea $3.60 (500ml), $4.80 (700ml)
Roasted Oolong Milk Tea with Walnut $3.60 (500ml), $5.10 (700ml)
Brown Sugar Frech Milk $3.80 (500ml), $4.80 (700ml)
Supreme Fruit Burst Green Tea $7.20 (1000ml)


Brown Sugar Pearl +$0.50 (500ml), +$0.80 (700ml)
Black Pearl +$0.50 (500ml), +$0.80 (700ml)
Golden Pearl +$0.50 (500ml), +$0.80 (700ml)
Roasted Walnut +$0.60 (500ml), +$0.90 (700ml)
Aiyu/Grass Jelly +$0.70 (500ml), +$1.00 (700ml)
Coconut Jelly +$0.40 (500ml), +$0.70 (700ml)
Rainbow Konjac +$0.40 (500ml), +$0.70 (700ml)
Black Sugar Konjac Jelly +$0.80 (500ml), +$1.10 (700ml)
Collagen Jelly +$1.30 (500ml), +$1.60 (700ml)
Oreo Bits +$0.50 (500ml), +$0.80 (700ml)
Clear/Black Hantian +$0.50 (500ml), +$0.80 (700ml)
Aloe Vera Cubes +$0.70 (500ml), +$1.00 (700ml)
Strawberry/Passion Fruit Popping Boba +$0.50 (500ml), +$0.80 (700ml)


Bober Special, Creative Series, Milk Tea Series, Milk Cap Series, Latte Series, Tea Series, Fruit Tea Series.

Things to Note

Since you may be spoilt for choice, here are some tips to note for your next order.

Bober Tea: Artisan Bubble Tea in Bishan
Bober Tea: Artisan Bubble Tea in Bishan

Sugar Level – For some of the series and drinks, you will be able to choose your sugar level. Normally, I would go for 50% but according to the staff, it’s best to take 75% for Bober Tea drinks to get the taste just right.

Milk Cap Series – Best to drink it from the cap instead of using a straw like how you would drink from most takeaway drinks so make sure you get a little red heart shaped stopper for your Milk Cap order to avoid spilling it. I ordered the Hokkaido Milk Cap Green Tea and this was my favourite! It has a foamy and thicker consistency from the other milk teas we ordered.

Latte Series – You will lose the pretty gradient colours but shake/mix it before drinking. So take your photos first! Honestly, I ordered the Macha Strawberry Latte from this series because of the gradient colour combo of Green & Pink and was quite surprise that I loved the taste too! I would say that this came in second place from the Hokkaido Milk Cap. Also, the gradient colours melt fast so take note if you’re travelling with it or taking this for someone else.

Fruit Tea Series – We ordered the Supreme Fruit Burst Green Tea that only comes in 1000ml! Thats because the drink includes fresh cut fruits and Bober Tea provides you with a fork to eat them! A healthier option if you’re not into milk teas and very refreshing for a hot sunny day!

Bober Tea: Artisan Bubble Tea in Bishan

Look, we loved it so much, we got 6 cups! We got this cute takeaway carrier to hold our drinks! Great for picnics, for hanging out with friends or to bring home and enjoy Bober Tea with your family. What a great way to brighten up the day! Will definitely be stopping by for my next order (especially that yummy Hokkaido Milk Cap Green Tea) when I’m around Bishan.

Bober Tea

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