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What’s in My Beach Bag

I use to go to the beach alone quite often to tan, read a book or just be one with the sun, sand and sea. But I haven’t done so in a long time. So while in the midst of writing Love Bella Vida’s Guide to the Beaches of Sentosa Island, I was inspired to visit the beach with my BAFIAFOP bag in toll.

BAFIAFOP – Be a Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons; is founded by Michelle Loon who decided to take a leap into entrepreneurship after working in a corporate pigeon hole for 11 years! BAFIAFOP believes that there is more out there than the corporate pigeon hole where you’re in a constant struggle to fit it and follow the herd, often having to conform to rules and a system that you may not believe in. I cannot begin to tell you how much BAFIAFOP’s message resonates with me. I have spent my whole childhood and young adult life trying to fit in with the other kids in school, then trying to follow the straight and narrow career path everyone else was taking and wondered why it never quite felt right. Of course, I’ve finally come to my senses, took myself more seriously and quit giving a hoot about what others thought about my decisions. Because why blend in when you’re meant to stand out?

People use to find it very amusing that I would go to the beach alone. “What do you do by yourself? Don’t you feel lonely?“. The truth is I would much rather have this time alone and even if I wanted company, I would be very selective when it comes to my beach time. I consider this time sacred – a time for me to unwind, de-stress, take my nap and just be me, you should try it sometime too. In fact, I’ve put together a list of things you can bring when you’re spending a day alone at the beach.

  • Sarong Mat – Acts as a mat and doubles up as a wrap around sarong.
  • Sunglass – To shield your eyes from the sun rays.
  • Hat – To shield your face from the sun when you’re napping.
  • Slippers – Easy to walk on the sand.
  • Magazine – This will be your company for the day.
  • Bottle of Water – To quench your thirst of course.
  • Sushi – Bite size, easy to carry and doesn’t mess your bag.
  • Sunscreen – A must to protect yourself from harmful UVA/UVB.
  • Lip Balm – To keep your lips moisturized out in the sun.

Other necessities you’ll need to bring along are a towel, spare undergarments and dry clothes to change into. With all these necessities, you’ll need a big bag. Mine is the BAFIAFOP Red Flamingo Print Bag (Medium). Loving the look, feel and durability of it. The canvas is waterproof and the rope handles and weave trimmings add to the beach vibes on top of the flamingo design. The bag comes with a zip to close it when you need to snooze or prevent anything from falling out and the lining inside of the bag is luxurious! It can even be folded so I can take it for staycations or pack it in my luggage during summer vacations.

It’s an amazing piece with chic design and a beautiful message at such an afforable price for only SGD $38! Now you can be a flamingo too.

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