Frequency: Limited Edition Mini Backpack

I’m not one to follow trends… well, most of the time. But when It Girls like Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid are caught spotting the cute 90s inspired mini backpacks, I couldn’t help but want one of my own. However, we can’t all just go out and spend big dollars on a Chanel and Louis Vuitton Mini. Thank goodness for my Frequency Mini Backpack.

“But there’s so many mini backpacks available everywhere now, why did you go with Frequency?”. Easy. How many mini backpacks are chic, packs a ton, retains its shape and are machine washable? Yes, you heard it right – use it, throw it around and dump it in the washing machine when you feel like it. You can’t do that to a LV Mini but my Frequency Mini can handle all that *wink.

Having said that, it hardly ever gets dirty and it works well with our humid weather, what more now that it’s the rainy season. When it gets wet in the rain, just wipe it down and hang it after washing, it dries fast due to its neoprene material. As you know, my lifestyle requires me to be out a lot, taking photos, handling my tripod, arranging my props with one hand while holding my phone, water bottle and papers in my other hand (yes, its a skill). So having a backpack like this is a lifesaver – it allows me to be handsfree and it’s trendy and chic which is a bonus.The Limited Edition Isabella Metallic Black has 3 Compartments.
Internal Zip Compartment – Makeup, First-Aid.
Main Compartment – Wallet, Umbrella and everything in general.
External Zip Compartment – Lose Change, Tissue, things I need to get to easily.

Unique Selling Point: Machine Washable
Recommended for Mummies, Gym Rats, Travelers.I’m loving my Frequency Mini so much, I bring it everywhere with me. But do you know who loves it more than I do? My husband Shine because he doesn’t need to help me carry my things now that I’m hands-free!

Frequency is available at Metro Singapore.

Facebook: Frequencysg
Instagram: @frequencysg

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