Balineses Kopi Luwak Tasting

Since both Shine and I are coffee enthusiasts, one of the things to strike off the bucket list was to try the most expensive coffee in the world – Kopi Luwak.

What is Kopi Luwak and what makes it special?

Balineses Kopi Luwak Tasting

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Balineses Kopi Luwak Tasting

Luwak is this little guy over here, the Indonesian Civet Cat. It ferments the berries and coffee beans found in the forest through digestion and it’s poop is then harvested to make this coffee. Literally the shit. We were brought through the farm to see how it’s being done. It’s a rather tedious process of searching for these wild cats in the forest, waiting for them to poop, washing, drying, then roasting, pounding it till it becomes powder and ready to drink.

How Did it Taste?

Balineses Kopi Luwak Tasting

They tasted smooth but a little bitter like black coffee but with a unique taste. They did not smell like poop, just in case you were wondering. We tried different Kopi Luwaks. One of it is harvested from the cats that are kept and fed in the farm and the premium cup is harvested from the wild cats that are free the pick the best seeds. They tasted similar except the premium one was much stronger. Cinnamon sticks are served together so you can stir it into your coffee to make it less bitter.

Balineses Kopi Luwak Tasting

Standard Kopi Luwak: 50,000 IDR
Premium Kopi Luwak: 65,000 IDR

You also get to taste other Balinese Coffee and Tea. These ones are not made with poop and there are so many flavours here that I love particularly the Pandan and Cinnamon Tea. We even purchased some to bring home. We bought the Kopi Luwak too so we can enjoy the shit at home too.

Where to Try Kopi Luwak?

Balineses Kopi Luwak Tasting

If you’re interested to try Kopi Luwak, there are many cafes and farms that harvest them but the one that we went to is Uma Pakel because I wanted to taste the other teas and. They have the Bali Swing and Nest there which was a bonus! Thoroughly enjoyed my time here.

Uma Pakel, Jalan Raya Tegallalang, Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561

Opening Hours: 0700 – 1900

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