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  • Our Honeymoon in Rayavadee (Part III)

    Our Honeymoon in Rayavadee (Part III)

    Our third day in Rayavadee was a breeze. Just chill, shopped at the local street market on Railay Beach, mermaid-ing while exploring Phranang Princess Cave and massage. We spent almost the whole day here – shopping in the morning, lunch in the afternoon, dinner in the evening and a stroll around the beach under the…

  • Our Honeymoon in Rayavadee (Part II)

    Our Honeymoon in Rayavadee (Part II)

    On Day 1 of Our Honeymoon, we explored the facilities Rayavadee had to offer. Day 2 of our stay in Rayavadee was spent Island Hopping and dining in a cave! I’ve been waiting so long to do these with my now *ahem husband? Blessed to be able to embark on this journey called marriage with…

  • Our Honeymoon in Rayavadee (Part I)

    Our Honeymoon in Rayavadee (Part I)

    Finally posting up the first part of our Honeymoon at Rayavadee, Krabi! Yes, I know, this was a while ago in early September and it’s now coming to November and summer has officially came and gone. It’s always summer in this part of the world anyways. Some of you have been asking when am I…

  • Mermaiding in Princess Cave

    Mermaiding in Princess Cave

    Have you heard that there is a Princess Cave on Phranang Beach? In fact Phra Nang is literally what it means. How did it get it’s name? Legend has it that many centuries ago, an Indian Princess drowned in a shipwreck off the coastline and her spirit took refuge in this cave where some say…

  • Our Bridal Suite at The Fullerton Hotel

    Our Bridal Suite at The Fullerton Hotel

    During our 2 day Wedding affair, we had the opportunity to book a stay for my bridesmaids in The Heritage Room and our bridal suite at The Fullerton Suite where we made lots of memories with our friends and family. We loved it so much, we spent the nights throughout our stay in here. Good…

  • Bridal Shower at The Fullerton Hotel Heritage Room

    Bridal Shower at The Fullerton Hotel Heritage Room

    Our Wedding took place over the weekend – 22nd and 23rd July 2017. We booked a room for my bridesmaids so that they can stay over and keep me company since we will be leaving from The Fullerton Hotel to church on the first day. But most of all, it was to thank them for…

  • Genting Highland Getaway (Part II)

    Genting Highland Getaway (Part II)

    For this part of our Genting Highland Getaway, we had lunch at Madam Kwan’s at Sky Avenue for Mama’s birthday and visited Chin Swee Temple Madam Kwan’s Sky Avenue We were walking around First World Hotel for a new place to eat and stumbled upon Madam Kwan’s new outlet at Sky Avenue. We were quite excited to…

  • Genting Highland Getaway (Part I)

    Genting Highland Getaway (Part I)

    It’s been a while since I’ve done a travel post. The last place I’ve travelled before this was to Batam with Susu for a short girly trip. I’ve cut down on travelling plans due to our upcoming wedding in a few months (*gasp, it’s this year!) but hope that we’ll be able to travel every…

  • Staycation at Amara Sanctuary Resort

    Staycation at Amara Sanctuary Resort

    Last weekend, our dearest Susu had put together a night of fun and surprises at Amara Sanctuary Resort, Sentosa. It was a small birthday getaway for Mariyah and myself after the crazy months we’ve both had. Shadan and Benna were there too as our ‘presents’ because this party won’t be complete without them. Join us…

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