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  • Genting 2016: Highland Getaway (Part I)

    Genting 2016: Highland Getaway (Part I)

    It’s been a while since I’ve done a travel post. The last place I’ve travelled before this was to Batam with Susu for a short girly trip. I’ve cut down on travelling plans due to our upcoming wedding in a few months (*gasp, it’s this year!) but hope that we’ll be able to travel every […]

  • Staycation at Amara Sanctuary Resort

    Staycation at Amara Sanctuary Resort

    Last weekend, our dearest Susu had put together a night of fun and surprises at Amara Sanctuary Resort, Sentosa. It was a small birthday getaway for Mariyah and myself after the crazy months we’ve both had. Shadan and Benna were there too as our ‘presents’ because this party won’t be complete without them. Join us […]

  • Pieces of Chinatown

    Pieces of Chinatown

    Over the previous weekend, we explored Chinatown as I wanted to give my dear readers an insight into one of the ethnic enclaves and my favourite places in Singapore. Take note though that this is not all of what Chinatown has to offer as there is still so much more to parts that I’ve yet […]

  • Girlfriends Batam Spa Retreat

    Girlfriends Batam Spa Retreat

    Over the last weekend, my darling Sulastri and myself headed to Batam for a short relaxing holiday for just the two of us girls so that we can talk non-stop about our wedding plans while we spoil ourselves with massages and indulge ourselves with food all at such an affordable price! We’ve been meaning to […]

  • Let’s Go to Haji Lane

    Let’s Go to Haji Lane

    We had a lovely day at Haji Lane looking for vintage pieces in our matching loafers, admiring wall art, having lunch with Mojito and each other for company. I love days like this.

  • Traveling is a Journey

    Traveling is a Journey

    Travelling is a journey. The beauty of traveling is that you can go anywhere from as far as across the continent or across the causeway; on a winter season to experience snow or to escape to the tropics for a summer tan; take the plane, a train, your car or on a bike; with your […]

  • Santorini 2015: Our First Couplemoon (Part V)

    Santorini 2015: Our First Couplemoon (Part V)

    For the final episode of our Couplemoon in Greece, we bring you to the Red Beach in Akrotiri, visit the Archeology Site believed to be the lost city of Atlantis and go shopping in Fira before heading home. Let’s go! The Red Beach earns it’s name from the iron-rich sedimentary rocks and sand in the […]

  • Santorini 2015: Our First Couplemoon (Part IV)

    Santorini 2015: Our First Couplemoon (Part IV)

    It took me awhile to post this one up but it’s worth the wait. On this episode, we walked down 600 flights of stairs down Old Fira Port, ride on a Pirate Ship to an active volcano, visit the little town of Oia (and went a little photo crazy), found the quirky Atlantis Bookshop and […]

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