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  • Peranakan Tiles in Singapore

    Peranakan Tiles in Singapore

    I have a thing for tiles, really, I’m not just quoting the popular hashtag. I cannot get enough of it. I can spend hours scrolling through Pinterest looking through pictures of beautiful patterned tiles. During my last trip to Lisbon, I saw so many of these patterned tiles everywhere; on the streets, on floors, on […]

  • A Guide to Ubud: Eat, Explore, Love

    A Guide to Ubud: Eat, Explore, Love

    I’ve been to Bali a number of times in the past but this was our first visit beyond the south of Bali and decided to exclusively spend 5 days in Ubud after being inspired by Eat, Pray, Love. Prior to our visit, I did some research and listed down everything I wanted to eat, visit […]

  • A Guide to Shopping in Ubud

    A Guide to Shopping in Ubud

    I’m quite picky when it comes to shopping especially when I travel because I hate having to carry heavy baggage back. There are only a few places in the world that I will travel to shop to my hearts content and one of them is Ubud, Bali. Even if you have no intention to shop, […]

  • A Guide to the Beaches of Sentosa Island

    A Guide to the Beaches of Sentosa Island

    Sentosa, meaning peace and tranquillity in Malay, is a little island off shore from Singapore that consists of a host of attractions, mega hotels, bars, Universal Studios Singapore, a casino and 3 beaches located at the southwestern coast of the island, each one catering to different crowds. I’ve spent a great deal of my youth […]

  • Alfama Apartment Stay in Lisbon

    Alfama Apartment Stay in Lisbon

    I must say that out of the many accommodations around the world that I’ve been blessed to be able to experience, this particular one in Alfama district in Lisbon is one of the most unique. The truth is that we booked this place in a hurry, just before we left for our trip because the […]

  • Balineses Kopi Luwak Tasting

    Balineses Kopi Luwak Tasting

    Since both Shine and I are coffee enthusiasts, one of the things to strike off the bucket list was to try the most expensive coffee in the world – Kopi Luwak. What is Kopi Luwak and what makes it special? Photo Sourced from Pinterest. Luwak is this little guy over here, the Indonesian Civet Cat. […]

  • A Guide to Cleansing Your Soul at Tirta Empul

    A Guide to Cleansing Your Soul at Tirta Empul

    I have always wanted to bathe in the holy waters of Tirta Empul and I finally did during this visit to Ubud. I wanted to make sure that I was doing it right and got a local to guide us through the ritual. If you’re intending to bathe in the holy waters of Tirta Empul, […]

  • Travel with Gaston Luga Classic Black

    Travel with Gaston Luga Classic Black

    I have a confession to make – I wasn’t always into backpacks. Backpacks remind me of my primary school days, makes me look childish and as a result, takes away the chic factor. I love my tote bags because I can throw anything and everything, bring them everywhere and they match well with my outfits. […]

  • Singapore Musical Box Museum

    Singapore Musical Box Museum

    Some weeks ago after my tour of Chinatown, I was looking for a quiet place to have a cup of tea when I stumbled upon a space just beside the Thian Hock Keng Temple. The area housed The Musical Box Museum, The Peranakan Tiles Gallery and a little cafe and I was thoroughly amused, particularly […]

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