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  • Digital Electromagnetic Health Scan at Integrated Health Centre (IHC)

    Digital Electromagnetic Health Scan at Integrated Health Centre (IHC)

    As the saying goes, health is wealth and a healthy body and mind can bring you a long way, give you more time to spend with your loved ones, look good even as you age and travel! When was the last time you went for a full body health screening? I went for a health […]

  • A Hypnotherapy Session with Lee McKing

    A Hypnotherapy Session with Lee McKing

    “What, did I read this right, you went for hypnotherapy? You mean there is such a thing? I thought it only happens in the movies!”. It exists right here in Singapore and you’ll be quite surprise how sought after these sessions are. No, hypnotherapy and counseling are not just for crazies. With our highly stressful […]

  • Stay Active with Sudio Tre Wireless Earphones

    Stay Active with Sudio Tre Wireless Earphones

    I had lots of good food in Spain and Portugal stuffing my face with Chocolate Churros and Pastel de Nata! Now it’s time to get back in shape and loose those calories! What better way to do it than with my new Sudio Tre Earphones inspired by active lifestyle.Sudio from Sweden designs premium earphones with […]

  • 5 Ways to Love Yourself

    5 Ways to Love Yourself

    Whoever said Valentine’s Day is for lovers? Why not make it a day to celebrate you? After all, you can’t be the best partner, mother or friend you can possibly be until you love yourself first. Here is a list of 5 ways you can show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day. Forget Past Mistakes […]

  • A Guide to Favourite Teas

    A Guide to Favourite Teas

    Cover Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels. I recently started a Pinterest board for Coffee and Tea because my love for caffeine and tea tasting has just reached a whole new level. But the focus of this post is for my love of tea and all the benefits I reap from the many flavours. Tea for me is […]

  • Yi Zhen Reflexology

    Yi Zhen Reflexology

    I’m back with another review of a massage parlour but this time, I’m trying traditional Chinese reflexology at Yi Zhen Reflexology, a small homely parlour located at the heart of Bishan with the help of Jess (whatjess1023). The Art of Chinese Foot Reflexology Chinese Reflexology is an ancient art and is believed that pressure points […]

  • Samsara Wellness

    Samsara Wellness

    Does your back or feet feel sore from all that shopping around Geylang Bazaar? Had a long day at the office? Or may be you’re looking for a good massage before your big durian feast? Why not head down to the newly opened Samsara Wellness for a massage? Let me give you a peak around […]

  • Treatment for Endometriosis

    Treatment for Endometriosis

    I’ve received some questions asking what medication I take with regards to endometriosis so I thought I’ll cover what medications I’ve been prescribed with and the side effects I have experienced in this post. I’ve been taking Birth Control Pills prescribed by my gynaecologist for some time now to supress cysts from growing back again. […]

  • 5 Stupid Myths About Endometriosis

    5 Stupid Myths About Endometriosis

    Endometriosis is more common than most of us think but not much is known about it. And when not much is known about something, it leads to speculation. Some will even form their own theory on the subject. Here we have my Bitmoji in a unicorn suit to represent the myths and some of the […]

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